Once again, Reid has to mess with something that actually works

Although I was born, raised and married in Wyoming, I’ll always consider Nevada home. My memories of Nevada are all good and my children got a first class education there as well as their own wonderful memories. We lived in a rural county, Nye and like many of the rural counties, prostitution is legal. It is deliberately illegal in Washoe (Reno) and Clark (Las Vegas) counties so as to not offend the tourist trade. But one need only drive 55 miles northwest on a rural highway, into Nye County and you can find 3 brothels and another 3 or 4 before you reach the county seat in Tonopah.

The Chicken Ranch on the outskirts of Pahrump, NV

Aside from legal prostitution at places like the Chicken Ranch, Nye county is also famous for Area 51, the development of the Stealth bomber and the home of the great UFO hunter and radio personality, Art Bell.

The citizens of each county vote to legalize prostitution or not. And they reap a great deal of tax revenue from this legal business, too. Brothels are not within the city or town limits. You have to actually search them out. No one’s child sees them from a school bus, as Harry dipshit Reid has claimed. Most of us forget they even exist until we have relatives come visit and want a trip out there to see one.

The brothel owners ( I will not call them pimps) keep a very low profile in their communities, basically to avoid offending the townsfolk. Their girls are not allowed off the property for “out dates” with clients. They are taken to town for doctor appointments (every month for HIV, STD and other testing and last I knew, there has never been one case of HIV originating from the brothels) and to grocery stores for whatever they need, by a brothel employee. They do not “walk the streets”. Their business stays within the brothel compound. The girls have to have an out of county address. Most work 2 to 3 weeks and then go home for a week (most of them live in Las Vegas, where most of them have boyfriends.)

They pay for a privilege license – more tax revenue for the county and it can be taken away from them or the brothel owner, for breaking any laws that pertain to the business.

Prostitution is legal. It’s regulated. It makes the counties and state a lot of money. And the people of those counties want it. They voted to allow it. Now here comes Harry the dickhead Reid telling Nevadans that it’s time to “have an adult conversation” about this taxed and highly regulated industry. And maybe it’s time to outlaw it. (I’m already sick of hearing “adult conversation” as I was sick of hearing “transparency.”)

Harry – mind your business in DC:  keeping us broke and over extended and in massive debt, okay? Leave alone a business that’s working well and lawfully within the state. I wish this guy would just shut the hell up! Not everyone is Nevada is a Mormon. Not all of them are stupid enough to give up lots and lots of tax dollars from businesses that live on the edge of town and require a map to find. For cryin’ out loud – the voters in these counties are adults and they know what they want.

Leave them alone. Leave the counties alone. Mind your own misguided business and stay out of Nevada!

9 responses to “Once again, Reid has to mess with something that actually works

  • samiam60

    Reid is nothing more than a Weasel Rat and America knows it. His days in office are numbered as are the rest of the Rat Pack.

  • Bob Mack

    This, coming from Desert Rat Reid, who’s laid down more times for more cash than any girl in Nevada ever dreamed of. You can bet that if the hookers had a union, he’d be inviting them to Washington for “discussions”.

  • Dena

    Well, I can’t help it. I’ve gotta make a nasty comment. Harry is jealous. Of the younger men who can go there and actually have a good time.


    The pimps are in Washington DC.
    Reid is a pimple on America’s a$$.
    Roxy,… well done !
    Prostitution is alive and well and living within the White House.
    The American People are not whores, and we never will be.

    • roxannadanna

      You betcha it is, Ron. Obama has prostituted himself to the unions and the gay community and we pay for his whoring. That’s how it works in DC.

  • nooneofanyimport

    Huh, that was informative. Never given much thought to how the legal prostitution in NV is managed.

    Not sure how I’d feel about it if I lived there. Raising 2 boys, I think that I’d be a little nervous about it. But I don’t live there, so it’s none of my business. See how that works, Harry Reid? (of course he doesn’t)

    • roxannadanna

      I raised my son there and my daughter. As far as I know, he never visited any of them. But if he had, well… what could I do about it? He had to be an adult to do so.
      The tax revenue from the trade generated enough money every year to buy the equivalent of a brand new ambulamce for our community. Those aren’t cheap and that’s a lot of money. I’m sure it’s more now, but I’ve lived in AZ for several years.
      And having it legal sure beats seeing the street walkers that live in many cities. We didn’t have that. We didn’t have the rampant STDs or HIV either that is almost epidemic in Las Vegas.
      Regulated and taxed is the only way to go with this. Otherwise you actually do have pimps and streetwalkers and all the other really bad stuff that comes with prostitution.

  • cali

    Coming from Europe, or rather Germany, we have ‘brothels’ pretty much anywhere within a major city. They pretty much operate the same way as the ones in Nevada, women are not outside the housing perimeter; weekly health checkup with records to retain for federal inspection at any time. This has made the ‘rapes’ a lot lower than it would be without.
    I don’t condone prostitution in any shape, however it’s been around since before Jesus came to earth, one of the oldest profession.
    They must not be Union for Harry Reid to out of the blue attack them, or may he needs a financial shakedown.
    This communists never seize to amaze me.

    • roxannadanna

      I was a nurse and worked for a doctor in Nye county so I learned a lot about the business. They came to his office once a month for their checkups. I also knew the owner of the Chicken Ranch pretty well.
      I don’t personally approve of prostitution but it’s going to happen, regardless. Therefore, I say regulate it and tax it. The alternative to not is much much worse for the community and society as a whole.

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