One great speech after another at CPAC

Herman Cain – another man who should be heading Obama’s economic advisers, but is not. “I’ve got a news flash – black folks can and do think for themselves.”

Rep. Allen West – this man has a stellar future. In a debate, West would tie Obama in knots. “I believe we are standing on the dawn of a new America.”

Rich Lowry – stepping in for Jonah Goldberg. This was a great speech. “what’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney? When Sarah Palin shoots you, you stay down.” (Pat Buchanan)

Oh you know, I could link to at least 2 dozen great speeches: Ann Coulter, Gov. Mitch Daniels, Andrew Breitbart, Gov. Haley Barbour… et al. You really need to go to and listen to all the archived speeches. Even Pat Boone’s acceptance speech was terrific.

It gives me renewed faith to listen to this. It will you too. Find a half an hour here and there, and pick one. It won’t be a waste of your time, I promise.

3 responses to “One great speech after another at CPAC


    If there would happen to be a Cain/West ticket, it may enlighten a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t pay any attention to a white ticket just because of the skin color.
    MLK stated years ago, it’s not the color of the skin, it’s the character of the man that matters.
    Wisdom knows no color.
    Character dismisses it.

  • roxannadanna

    Amen! Listening to Cain and West were both very inspiring speeches for me. It reaffirms my faith that ANYone in America and achieve whatever they want to – provided that the government stays out of his way!


    Ah yes,….the times they are a’changin’.
    Obama thought he would be campaigning against a bunch of white boy/girl conservatives.
    Not !
    Now he has to re-arm.
    Obama is up against an enemy that he is unfamiliar with.
    1. The American People.
    2. Black people that have achieved far more through their efforts and love for this country that he will never understand, or comprehend.
    3. His re-election campaign will be the most disrespectful of the opposing candidates we have ever seen. IMO.
    Chicago thug politics will be on display with the parasites wanting Obama bucks in the streets raking anybody who dares to oppose the one as a rascist or possibly an ‘Uncle Tom’.

    I’m sorry,.. I forgot to mention the union thugs.

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