The Donald at CPAC

Straight talk from Donald Trump at CPAC. You won’t ever hear any other candidate or elected official tell it like this. Just like Sarah Palin, this is another strong, no nonsense person. He doesn’t mince words or candy coat anything. He tells you what you want and need to hear. I have to wonder why Obama was so stupid to appoint Jeffery Immelt to his economic advisors when he could have gotten Trump – a man who REALLY does know about free markets and fair trade.

One of the best parts is when he talks about Obama and his unknown, secret past.

It’s less than 15 minutes long so I hope you listen.

10 responses to “The Donald at CPAC

  • steve

    Trump’s talking about running for president. He’ll have my support for sure. You’re absolutely right Roxy; Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney have no chance of beating Obaam. In reality, I can’t think of anyone that really has a chance. I’m so sick of our votes being sabatoged or hijacked. “The lessor of two evils” … and the worse one always wins. I have a sick, sinking feeling, we’re stuck with Obama for 6 more years. 😦


    I heard Lt.Col. Allen West (ret.) speak at CPAC on CSPAN last night.
    He is now a Representative from Florida.
    This guy is the real deal.
    He would tear Obama to pieces during a debate.
    He had the crowd on their feet numerous times.
    He is very impressive indeed.
    A ticket of Herman Cain and Allen West could eliminate Obamas rule easily.
    An Obama/Biden ticket wouldn’t have a prayer,….at least to the intelligent among us.

    • roxannadanna

      I didn’t hear West or Cain speeches yet. But they are archived so I can hear them today and will since you say his is so good. I listed to Ann Coulter, who is always terrific and Rich Lowry (stepping in for Jonah Goldberg) and he was really good too. Apparently Goldberg had a family emergency that sounds serious. Lowery acceopted the Robert Novak award for Goldberg. Also listened to Breitbart and loved that.
      Mitch Daniels was really really good. I can see him as a candidate.
      There are several I want to go back and listen to that I missed. Did you see who won the straw poll? I saw it but now can’t remember who it was.

      • AFVET

        Ron Paul won the straw poll.
        He is an isolationist, which is OK to an extent.

        • roxannadanna

          Paul doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning the presidency. Neither does Mitt or Huckabee. And I like them all, but none of them are winnable material.

          • AFVET

            Go visit Bob Mack and listen to the best rendition of the National Anthem ever. IMO.
            She will bring tears to your eyes.
            What a shame, those pipes and that talent.
            Whitney Houston.
            I haven’t seen anyone to date that can compare to that performance.
            Too bad she is where she is.

  • Bob Mack

    I’d like to hear DT say to Obama, “You’re FIRED.”


    Why Obama didn’t pick Trump ?
    Trump wouldn’t lick Barrys boots like Immelt will.
    Believe me, Barry doesn’t like ANYONE rocking his boat.
    His past will be exposed eventually.

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