Ben Stein on Bloomberg’s life saving endeavors or not

I am endlessly amazed at how backwards we humans get things in our lives. Just let me give you two very basic examples, one of which is a crime against humanity.

I keep reading in the New York Times that Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire health nut, is on a campaign against having too much salt in foods in New York City restaurants. His belief is that New Yorkers and visitors shorten their life spans by eating too much salt and therefore raising their blood pressure in a dangerous way. If he took control over the salt content in New York restaurants, he could save a few dozen lives per year, he believes.

But, wait a moment. I also read in the New York Times that New York City is one of the abortion capitals of the nation, with a much higher rate of abortion than most other parts of the nation. And Mayor Bloomberg is a great fan of “…a woman’s right to choose…” to abort her baby.

As I calculate it in a rough way, New York City has about 8 million persons living there, or about (very roughly) 3 per cent of the nation’s population. And New York has a much higher abortion rate than the rest of the nation. So it is possible that New Yorkers have about 50,000 abortions per year, or maybe a lot more.

That is 50,000 killings of totally innocent children every year. Does Mayor Bloomberg think that his anti-salt campaign means much compared with that number? If he wants to save lives, why doesn’t he throw his tiny weight and his huge purse behind right to life? That’s a truly life-saving act.

From Ben Stein/The American Spectator

Isn’t there some noise out there that this idiot Bloomberg is thinking of a presidential run in ’12? He wouldn’t stand a chance so he needs to forget that idea. Lord knows that he has nothing of importance in New York to worry about so he’s down here in Arizona investigating us!

And some more good stuff I read this morning:

Daniel Halper writes in today’s Weekly Standard that Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is refusing to expand his investigative committee to include neo-Nazi and other extremist organizations in America because he believes that al Qaeda presents the clearest and most dangerous threat to national security.  According to King: “Pursuant to our mandate, the Committee will continue to examine the threat of Islamic radicalization, and I will not allow political correctness to obscure a real and dangerous threat to the safety and security of the citizens of the United States.”

samiam60 has a great blog including Robin of Berkeley (from American Thinker) on why so many liberals hate Sarah Palin.

Bob Mack has a touching blog from last night about the poor – no pathetic – medical care our vets are receiving.

Victor Davis Hanson at Pajamas Media writes on the consequences of the Egpytian chaos : “I think unfortunately we may go the 1940s “we can work with Mao”/1970s “no inordinate fear of communism”/2000s “jihad can mean a personal struggle” route, where liberals believe that totalitarian nationalists somehow admire the American Revolution and our lack of a colonial heritage, and, as closet moderates, wish to work with us. That translates into a backdoor courtship with the Muslim Brotherhood…”

7 responses to “Ben Stein on Bloomberg’s life saving endeavors or not

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  • bydesign001

    If Bloomberg runs for president, this New Yorker will fight him every step of the way. Not only is Michael Bloomberg a dictator, the man has betrayed the trust of New Yorkers and is unworthy.

    You would think that New Yorkers would have figured out that Bloomberg is all for Bloomberg by now right?

    Wrong. The first seven years of Bloomberg’s two terms, he ruled by fiat and against the wishes of New Yorkers. The eighth year, he played the game that Obama is trying to play now.

    Do you think New Yorkers would have had enough by then?

    He challenged the term limits law because Michael Bloomberg thinks he is God and wanted to serve more than two terms as Mayor. The courts ruled against Bloomberg and Bloomberg went ahead and changed the law anyway. How did he do it? He threatened and then bought off the NYC Council, from Christine Quinn down. Oh yes, he also bought off Al Sharpton.

    No the clueless imbeciles, many of whom are my neighbors, voted this slug a third term.

    Less than a week after winning the election, Bloomberg began to show his true colors again and it has been downhill since and New Yorkers, the dingbats that they are now regret giving Bloomberg a third term.

    What did these clueless and selfish people expect?

    Bloomberg is in favor of the Ground Zero mosque, friends with the Ground Zero mosque’s imam and favor amnesty for illegals.

    He is also in the pockets of the Working Families Party and colludes with Bertha Smith, ACORN.

    He has chosen his conglomerate of real estate developers while claiming eminent domain against the middle class and small businesses…and he is not done yet.

    This New Yorker wants to put it on record here and now that I will rally endlessly against Michael Bloomberg should he decide to run for president.

    A Bloomberg presidency would make the tyrant Obama look like a walk in the park. NO THANK YOU!!!

    • roxannadanna

      You’re really scarin’ me now! So much of what you have written is not known outside NYC.
      And like you – I can’t stand this guy!
      Thanks a lot for stopping in here bydesign!

  • roxannadanna

    Thanks you guys for stopping by today!
    I just can’t imagine Bloomberg as a candidate – the guy is so far out of the mainstream it’s not funny. Yes, he fits in fine with the right coast liberal group think but out here and in the rest of fly-over America, he’s way off the meter.

    • AFVET

      I just visited Bob Mack’s post on the VA Hospitals.
      The situation is uncalled for in this country.
      Thanks for the heads up Roxy.

      I would recommend to anybody reading Roxy’s Blog to visit Bob’s and see how this government treats our veterans in certain situations.
      Hopefully all of them are not this bad.
      My fear is that the degree to which they are would still disgust us.
      People that put their life on the line for this country deserve the best we can give them.


    If Bloomberg wants to run for prez, let him spend his own money.
    Anybody that would fund his campaign is a complete fool.

  • samiam60

    Good Morning Roxy and by the way you just have to love Ben Stein. Never really hear a bad word about the guy. Now, Bloomberg on the other hand. Eh, nuff said. Hope you have a great day………… 😀

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