It’s getting too late to jump ship

This is a must read.

According to that article, China owns 95% (other places I’ve read 97%, but who’s counting?) of rare earth metals and has bought up another 11% in the last year, probably in Africa.

Rare metals: cell phones, flat screen tv’s, computers, the Chevy Volt.

Ah, the Chevy Volt, with the $10,000 battery. Check that out and prove me wrong.

Soon it will be too late to jump the sinking ship of state.

And Obama wined and dined this dictator like he’s an ally. Oh wait – I guess he is now that we’ve tossed Britain and Israel off the boat.  But they should really consider themselves lucky to be off the USS Sinking America.


One response to “It’s getting too late to jump ship


    You are absolutely correct on China owning the mineral mines it takes to manufacture just about anything.
    Obama is a fool to think we don’t realize it by now.
    He is wrecking our great country on purpose, and grins at us while he’s doing it.
    I would hope that the stick in the eye of America will alert enough people to realize what is happening to our Country by the efforts of this charlatan we in a moment of ignorance elected to office.
    O’Reilly missed a big chance to expose the boy wonder for what he is.
    Big Bill is really arrogant when on the View.
    He made a big deal about Whoopi, and Behar walking off the set.
    You go Bill !!!!

    Ask the prez why he gave nuclear secrets to Russia.
    Ask him why after two years, his ‘stimulus’ packages have only benefited the unions.
    Ask him why his DOJ is bringing suit against Arizona.
    Ask him why his administration has consistently disregarded requests for documents pertaining to any number of agencies.
    Ask him why he refuses to release his school records.

    Bill O’Reilly is an embarrassment.
    Just another intimidated hack.

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