The blog every ‘Birther’ should read – and all the rest of us on the right, too

I went looking for the blog that my good friend AFVET mentioned in another post regarding our START treaty with Russia and stumbled on this one. Everyone should read it.

Although I’ve waffled on this topic and can see both sides of the issue, mostly I’ve believed that this whole birth certificate thing is a red herring. It’s being used to set up the right as the nutwings the progressives believe we are. This is an issue that the left wants in the news, daily. And this Abercrombie in Hawaii is as stupid as a fox by using it to whip up more and more headlines in order to make conservatives look more and more nutty.

Did you know, for instance that this birth certificate thing all started with the Hillary movement, in 2008? Or that Orly Taitz (the lead attorney in this whole thing) is a democrat donor? And that a lot of this hoopla about the certificate has been fowarded by 9-11 truthers?

Well, I for one, had no idea of these things. But the author of this blog seems to have evidence to those assertions. And I find no reason to doubt his statements. And I admit to pretty much ignoring this BC topic because I believe, in the end, that it’s going to be a hammer used to beat us up and win this election for Obama.

When I read that this governor was going to “settle this birth certificate thing once and for all,” I smelled a rat. There is no way that this was going to happen without the imprimatur of the White House. Abercrombie, the self avowed socialist, was not working unilaterally. Obama’s people had to be involved in this. If the gov’s goal was to settle this, then why didn’t the WH just produce the thing and settle it?

I think it’s clear why they didn’t. They want to use the birthers to beat up on the right during this next election. Of course, the beating up will not OFFICIALLY come out of the Obama campaign. It will be a whisper campaign that will then be carried and screeched by all MSM.

The birthers want the same thing that the all conservatives want: a one term president. They need to quiet down this whole thing and let it ride until we vote him out.  Otherwise this is going to be used to beat the right – all of the right – over the head. This could change some independents minds come November 2012, who were likely NOT to vote to reelect him.

If the birthers turn out to be right, this can all be settled after we vote him out of office.

But who knows – maybe in the eleventh hour of this election, like a Hail Mary pass, someone will produce the real birth certificate, make the birthers look like wingnuts and a little thing like that could swing the election for Obama.

5 responses to “The blog every ‘Birther’ should read – and all the rest of us on the right, too


    Anybody that can beat the Clinton machine back is very powerful indeed.
    George Soros has an agenda and Obama is the current requirement to get it through. IMO.
    Remember all the questions concerning Obama’s election funding ?
    I agree with you Roxy, just another diversion to keep us from watching the other hand.

    • roxannadanna

      That is exactly what I think this is about- diversion. And the media has played that hand for him since he announced his run for president. They won’t be changing their path any time soon. They will continue to carry his water and not do anything about vetting him, especially at this late hour. How could they? They would have to admit that they didn’t do their jobs in ’08. It was the media that should have done this BC thing back then. It was the media that should have been trying to find his school records, his college records, his passport, etc. But they didn’t want to vet him. He was their dream come true.
      Now there are regular people who have the best intentions and are authentically trying to do this to save the nation and they are being ridiculed. I’m not one to mock them. But I just think that we need to work for the real goal – getting him out of office in ’12.

      • AFVET

        When you have the MSM AND THE CONGRESS disallowing ANY investigations into the potential POTUS, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.
        That scenario is not America.
        The hurdles that will be thrown up to stop those nasty Americans that love their country and hate what is happening to it only remain to be seen.
        The threat of impeachment should be broadcast throughout the land.
        The threat of impeachment is NOT a threat to the POTUS.
        It is a warning to one that would take our Country away from the Constitutional Principles that the rest of the world admire/despise depending on their philosophies.

        It’s time to take the initiative.
        Let’s see what POTUS has.

  • cali

    As much as I agree with you there are questions to me regarding hiding ALL of his being. Why hide schoolrecords etc?
    I do believe his whole life story is nothing but a fabricated fantasy.

    • roxannadanna

      If you read the blog at American Thinker, I hope you read the comments, too. There are a lot of great comment posts to that blog.
      I agree with you – there’s a complete life story that’s a mystery to everyone and Obama’s gone to great lengths to keep it a secret. It’s astounding to me, how he’s kept so many people quiet for so long. And I want all his past to be available for public scrutiny – not just his birth certificate.
      But dwelling on this BC thing, in my mind, is just playing into the narrative that they have written about us. The goal is to vote him OUT of office and do whatever is necessary to accomplish that, while at the same time with minimal damage to our cause.
      Just my opinion, anyway. 😉

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