More failed cronyism in the Obama regime

I love this story – so  much I’ve read it twice.

Cynthia Stroum formerly ambassador to Luxembourg

One more incompetent, unqualified Obama appointee hits the road.  But she’s not been removed from the state department’s website yet.

The situation (at the Luxembourg embassy) was so bad that the inspector general recommended that the State Department dispatch medical personnel to Luxembourg to test the stress levels of embassy employees. It said at least four staffers quit or sought transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan during her tenure, unusual steps for diplomats assigned to a modern, Western European capital.

Ha! so bad that the staff not only needed medical attention, but also actually REQUESTED transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan???  Boy… that’s saying a lot about the competence and managerial style of this ambassador.

And don’t forget – all of this incompetence and dereliction at taxpayer expense.

Job well done, Mr. Obama – Indeed well done!

8 responses to “More failed cronyism in the Obama regime

  • Bob Mack

    ROXY, I’ve got a few links on my post today (including yours). The Thinker piece (which I didn’t link to) is


    Here’s something else to consider.
    Over at American Thinker, there is a post that within the nuclear arms treaty that Russia just signed, and Obama is set to sign next week, one of the stipulations is that Obama has to tell Russia the number of nukes we provide to Great Britain !
    WTF !!!!!!!!


    • roxannadanna

      You know, I blogged about how he’s double crossed the Brits with this treaty but I haven’t read the blog at American Thinker you’re talking about. Can you provide me a link to it?

      I can’t understand why no one is talking impeachment. He is in contempt of court over this new obamacare decision by Judge Vinson and Salazar (the secretary of interior) is also in contempt for not allowing drilling in the gulf.
      What more do these guys need to do before someone talks about legal ramifications?

  • Bob Mack

    Awaiting the day when the incompetent, unqualified Obama hits the road along with his appointees…

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