Quote of the day – Jeff Anderson/The Weekly Standard

[T[he strategy of Obamacare supporters is to try to keep the legislation alive long enough to expand it into a true “single-payer” system, a true government monopoly — and to get themselves reelected in the process. But, for voters, there is a way out.

Imagine if you had only barely started construction on a house that you knew you couldn’t afford, wouldn’t like, hadn’t designed, and (once built) would be stuck living in for the rest of your life.  And imagine that the house wouldn’t even keep standing on its own unless you continually rebuilt it in ways that would make you like it even less. Then imagine that, at this early date, you still had a choice:  You could either scrap the project and walk away, free and clear, or else tell the same architect who designed the house so poorly in the first place to go ahead and build it while making a few tweaks along the way to try to improve things. That’s essentially the choice Americans face with Obamacare.

The only way to fix Obamacare is to repeal Obamacare. Jeff Anderson/The Weekly Standard


5 responses to “Quote of the day – Jeff Anderson/The Weekly Standard

  • steve

    Obama Care is, by design, is structured to fail. In the mean time private insurance companies will go under … then when Obama Care cannot be sustained; voila! the single payer system is the only answer left.
    Obama and his ilk are not going to let this thing go. They have to have it; thus the defiance of the court order, which the government by law, has to obey … but we know where that is.
    What chaps my a$$ Roxy, is we allowed this to happen, and it’s far too late to stop it now. All we can do is expose the stuff for what it is and ride it out. It saddens me, but truth is truth.

    • AFVET

      I disagree Steve.
      The liberal Dems that rammed this bill through congress would like nothing more than to have us throw our hands up in despair.
      We can’t let them get away with it this easily.
      Chip away at it incessantly until there is nothing left.
      It’s the same philosophy they have used against our republic.
      It’s our turn now.

      • steve

        Of course they want us to throw up our hands, but we’re not doing that.
        My main point is that their goal is the single payer system; that is something they are going to give up on. Tell me, who’s going to make a genuine stand against this beyond the states suing to counter it? John Boehner and the Republicans!? I think not, but as always, time will tell. If they really do … then they’ll cut funding for it and not let ANY of it through. Yes, it’s our turn now. So we’ll see just what kind of people we have leading the charge soon.

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