Who are our allies? Do we have any left?

I got over being angry at that fruitcake Wikileaker a long time ago. The cables are out and there’s no point at being mad at the opportunistic, America-hating messenger.

No, now I’m really angry with our double crossing Obama government. He has given secret nuclear information about one of our loyalist allies to the Russians for their signature on some pie in the sky, idealistic, worthless treaty. A treaty that gives all to the communists and we get basically nothing in return.

Obama has offered up the Brits, betrayed their trust and spit on their friendship for what??? A Russian signature on a worthless piece of paper.

Are you going to see this story in the American press and media? Oh, I don’t think so. I didn’t even find it on Fox. It came via Drudge.  And yes, thousands read Drudge but millions more get their news from the likes of Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, if they get news at all.  Hardly any one will know about this betrayal. Shouldn’t Congress demand answers to this, as well as many other things that the Obama regime is responsible for?

We have no friends left in the world because we have been a friend to NO ONE. This regime is courting the Muslim Brotherhood and pressuring the Israelis to give up more of their land. And for what?  The Israelis know better than anyone that you can’t trust the IslamoFacists. But our dreamy eyed president is hell bent on “reaching out to Islam.”

If we just forsake our allies and sacrifice them to the communists, marxists and fascists, then maybe the rest of the world will like us better. And these are the people we want to like us? The people who behead journalists and stone women. The guys who hang homosexuals. The Russians who never stand by their word and send descendants to Siberia.

The Obama regime is no better than any of these criminal nations. We don’t stand by our word or our principles. Obama’s government does not care about what’s best for this nation or our citizens. If it did, we would be strengthening our alliances, not undermining them.

I am ashamed of what this president has done to our allies and I’m afraid it will take years, if ever, to repair the damage he’s done. Can you imagine 4 more years of this man?

One Israeli official said that “the problem with having the U.S. as a friend is, you never know when they will stab THEMSELVES in the back.” Well, we have done it repeatedly over the last couple of years and no one should wonder when our former allies start pulling away from us, why they are doing it.

5 responses to “Who are our allies? Do we have any left?

  • marksmedley

    I’m a brit and we have not been told of this. I’m disgusted its time the anglo saxon world woke up to the threat facing it

  • Bob Mack

    If Bush II had given British nuclear secrets to the Russians (inconceivable, I know, but let’s assume-) the fifth columnist MSM would have formed lynch mobs & the Democrats in Congress would be xeroxing articles of impeachment and sharpening the guillotine in preparation for a gala decapitation on the White House lawn. My opinion of this ‘president’ was bad enough when I thought he was a mere socialist. But he’s so much more than that. He’s an active enemy of Western Civilization. And so are his enablers in the ‘newsrooms’.

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  • cali

    I am not surprised; Obama is foreign to America, and foreign to our interests or that of our allies.
    Remember, he went to Russia in 2007 (with Lugar), was detained for several hours, his passport taken, but released. Now, why would that be?
    Why was he there in the first place, and why was it a secret?
    He has a personal hatred of Britain, not much less as he has for us. He planned in December 2008 together with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Mubarek, before he even was in office, and nobody asked any questions.
    Obam was a muslim while he lived in Indonesia as his schoolrecord showed; so yes-he’s one of them, ergo his disdain for Israel.
    His corruption screams to high heaven, and the republicans diddle away. Something has to give, before he start WWIII.
    What did he give China? Our military weaponry blueprints to copy?
    He cn’t be trusted; his impeachable offenses oare beyond questions, although how can you impeach someone who occupies the Office of the President without eligibility?
    Anger has turned into disdain, and contempt!

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