Another crime against humanity: Protecting the Cairo museums

1700 year old Buddha in Afghanistan before the taliban

Remember when the 1700 year old statue of Buddha, in Afghanistan, was blown up by the Taliban? This was not just an attack on a religion by the taliban. It was a crime against all humanity.

After the taliban dynamited the Buddha

It was sickening last week when the Cairo museum had been broken into, but the world was assured that the damage and theft was minimal. And the Egyptian people locked arms to protect the museum until the army could get there and take up posts. It says a lot about the Egyptians that they stood against possible criminals to protect these treasures. It’s sinful, as well as criminal that anyone would do damage to the Cairo museums and landmarks.

When I heard yesterday that there was a possible fire at the museum, I was heartsick.

These people are behaving like barbarians. Even during WWII there were religious and historical sites that were protected and off limits to bombing and damage. For too many of these people, nothing and no one deserves respect.

Cairo Museum of Antiquities

The death mask of King Tut, in the Cario Museum

6 responses to “Another crime against humanity: Protecting the Cairo museums

  • bigfingersjefferson

    I just think it’s ludicrously myopic for a person/group of people to be attacking their own country’s major international calling card. Tourism is one of the most important factors contributing to the Egyptian economy, and so very many people venture to Egypt every year to experience the remnants of its ancient history.

    As the majority of Egyptian civilian response to looting seems to have shown, this history is an invaluable asset not only for national economic interests but for national identity. It is especially important given the uprising, as coups of this nature have shown to leave a tremendous economic vacuum if successfully undertaken.

    • roxannadanna

      Well stated. You are absolutely correct.

      I did another blog on this topic a couple weeks ago when the head of Egyptian antiquities – Dr. Hawass – resigned. Priceless sites, it’s reported, have been looted, as well as the damages to the museums.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you come again!

  • themadjewess

    Its really unbelievable–all of this.
    Like the end of the world, straight out of the book of revelations

  • samiam60

    Good Morning Roxy, It’s Friday, and although that means little to me it felt good saying it. I believe we are about to see the transformation of the World beginning with the events in the Middle East.

    • roxannadanna

      Friday means to me that I’m off babysitting duties until Monday! Ha! This is a tiring job but I love it at the same time.

      What’s happening in Egypt and the middle east is scary. Where we are headed is uncharted and unknown and the guy at the helm is an amateur. What a frightening recipe for disaster!

      • AFVET

        The Guy in charge is the One we pray to.
        The little boy in the White House is finding out little by little that his power is eroding faster than he is eroding our freedoms.
        I would be more concerned if the EU was in bed with Obama.
        They aren’t, on the contrary, they are systematically rejecting his socialistic policies as a matter of economic survival.
        Cuban immigrants have warned us, US, that the direction we are headed is the wrong direction.
        Russian immigrants have warned us in the same manner.

        As far as the Mid-East goes, Obama does not have the tools to deal with the situation., mentally.
        The boy that would be king is the biggest mistake this country has ever made.
        Given the fact that the charlatans that put him into office are only pushing their agenda, and they are nothing more than thugs and crooks, what else could we expect ?

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