FDA ordering food to rot. Nothing new.

While reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism by Kevin Williamson this morning, I stumbled on one of those things that just stupefy you.

In 1981, a writer for the NYT wrote about mountains of rotting navel oranges in California. The point was to keep the prices of oranges high for the farmers and to prevent consumers from buying oranges at lower prices. This was a federal order.

When an FDA bureaucrat was asked why the government was ordering that good food rot on the ground, his response was, “Oranges are not an essential food. People don’t need oranges. They can take vitamins.”

The fact that you might want to eat them, that you might want to buy them at a lower price makes no difference to the government. All that matters is that they are not “an essential food” and therefore the government can do what it wants to manipulate the market. In theory, no one will die if they don’t get to eat oranges, so the government can control the market and ensure that farmers make more money by screwing the orange eating consumer.

Of course it’s not just oranges that our government is controlling. Corn, wheat and other grown commodities are part of government subsidies.

Our government: so amazing.

3 responses to “FDA ordering food to rot. Nothing new.

  • cali

    It’s pretty pathetic when we allow these ‘betters’ to use food such as corn to be used to make ‘ethanol’.
    Since when is it ok to take food away to justify this ‘green utopia’?


    E15 is another attempt to coerce people to buy new cars IMO.
    From what I have read, vehicles manufactured prior to 2001 could be damaged if this fuel is used in these engines.
    That percentage of alcohol will damage the engine eventually.
    If used on a regular basis it could cost people that drive old vehicles, (me), big bucks.
    E85 vehicles are out there. The seals and hoses are designed to withstand the corrosive effects of alcohol.

    You’re right Roxy, instead of letting it rot, just blow it out the tail pipe, and charge the consumer more and more for the ineptitude of the idiots that feel they are the experts in guiding the American Experience.
    All the while, they laugh at the peons that they manipulate while making millions.

    Wake Up America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roxannadanna

      You’re right Ron and they do it under the name of capitalism which gives capitalism the bad name it has to most of the world. What they are really doing is just another form of socialism.

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