Another call for a Muslim Cosby-like sit-com. Would they do an honor killing episode?

I actually thought that “Little Mosque on the Prairie” was a joke but it’s apparently a Canadian sit-com that’s been airing since ’07.  Those forward seeing Canucks have been ahead of us for that long!

Recently,  there’s been a call from Katie Couric and now Clarence Page (a Black journalist) is on board for the networks to do our own version of a muslim Cosby show. Page says that the muslim community in America has replaced the Black Americans as the lowest of the low in our society: since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks: Muslims have become the new “Negroes,” the new occupants of the bottom-rung scary-minority status long occupied by us African-Americans.

I’m not going to argue that Muslims are “the scary-minority”. It is what it is. Even fellow Black journalist/commentator Juan Williams has his share of Islamophobia.
But on the topic of a Cosby-type show for the average Muslim family living in America, here’s a take I wonder if any Hollywood writers would consider:
The beautiful Muslim actress, Afshan Azad was in an English courtroom because her 28 year old brother beat her. The 21 year old actress’ crime was that she had a Hindu boyfriend. Although she endured 3 hours of  being punched, strangled, and dragged by her hair by her brother, she still pleaded for the judge’s leniency during the sentencing hearing, and asked he not be jailed.
Not only did she endure this nightmare experience at the hands of her older brother but on other occasions she  was threatened and verbally abused by her parents. And all in the name of dishonoring her Muslim family. Interesting story at FoxNews.
Afshan Azad who played in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Photo from
Yes, this all happened in England but the same if not worse has been happening in America for a long time, and has largely gone unnoticed by the media here. I don’t think anyone has to wonder why the media wants to cover-up these atrocities. There are cases in Phoenix, in Texas and in New York of women and girls being beaten, murdered and beheaded that no one wants to talk about.
Oh, I can see this story line on a Cosby-like Muslim show: controlling your young daughter who is in love with an infidel. Or the question of living in a republic that conflicts with sharia law.
The Cosby Show was about 2 educated, professional parents raising a family. It just so happens they were a black family but their story and humor resonated across all races in America. How can a Muslim family sit-com do the same thing when the devout  must follow sharia law and that includes punishing daughters and wives who fall short of their horrendous laws?
I look at this pretty girls picture and wonder when it will be her turn to die. How soon before it happens to her?  And at the hands of the people who gave her life.
This is a story line that I don’t see any networks ever picking up.

6 responses to “Another call for a Muslim Cosby-like sit-com. Would they do an honor killing episode?

  • samhenry

    Well, done Roxy. It leaves me speechless and that takes a lot.

    • roxannadanna

      I appreciate that you take the time to read and post here SH!
      This topic really raises my blood pressure. I’m sick and tired of making concessions for one particular sect or religion and then see my fellow countrymen persecute Christians and marginalize our believes.

  • steve

    Clarence Page … now there’s a typical far left, smarter than most (in his mind) rambling fool.
    Yeah, and honor killing, stoning, burning, beheading episode would be quite a hit with Couric and Page … oh, unless they were the victim.

  • inge

    This truly is a beautiful girl!
    Just wondering, since Couric-the everything-muslim-uneducated moron-would find it acceptable to also include the life-like beheading on screen, since that is part of ‘muslim’. Muslims find the ‘gurgling sounds of infidels so inspiring!
    After all, we, the crusaders, worshippers, apes and infidels, need to SUBMIT to islam, and learn how wonderful ‘Sharia’ is!
    It is, what it is!

    • roxannadanna

      Don’t these marxists make you want to puke?
      Everything’s off limits with the muslims but let some congresswoman who was just doing her job on a Saturday morning get shot in the head and the pack mentality is let loose on the conservative right. Let a 9 year old girl and a judge get murdered and the Tea Party and Sarah Palin has to be behind it.
      Let some muslim army psychiatrist shoot up an army base, killing 13 or something, while shouting “Allah whatever” but “don’t jump to conclusions!!!”

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