NAACP insults our Founding Father

George Washington statue from FoxNation

The monument of George Washington was concealed from the crowd during the annual King Day at the Dome rally.

The NAACP says no insult to Washington was intended – the three-sided structure that covered the front and sides of the statue was intended to display a rally graphic.

Doesn’t this just make you sick? The nation was forced to honor MLK day but those who honor and forced the rest of us to do so, feel no problem showing this kind of disrespect for our Founding Father.
It’s time to force the end of the Congressional Black and Latino Caucuses. They do nother but foster and encourage more racism in America. If we want a color blind nation, as almost all of us do, then these caucuses should be disbanded. We are all Americans, regardless of color, race or ethnicity and the continued volunteered segregation by people of color, does nothing to bring us together as a nation.

4 responses to “NAACP insults our Founding Father


    It will continue Roxy until WE THE PEOPLE take our country back from the the throes of liberalism, through the election process.
    The effort that you and many, many others make to expose the hypocrisy will absolutely have an impact on the general intelligence of the voters.
    Well Done !
    The mad dash toward the destruction of our country will be accelerated in the next two years to the extent of attempting to shut down any conservative philosophies and viewpoints.
    Look at that little boy grandchild you have been blessed with.
    It is up to US to make our best effort to provide him and his parents the best chance we can give them, and him.
    That goes for any other young parents out there struggling to provide for an emerging family.

    • roxannadanna

      I’m dismayed by the new Black Tea Party movement. I can see the reasons behind it – wanting to prove to the left that the Tea party isn’t racist – but once again, it’s a segregation that is not good or necessary. There’s no convincing those haters that we are not racist. Racism is the fall-back cause when all other causes are not working for them. They can always count on calling you a racist when their arguments are debunked.

      The problem is that being called a racist or Nazi no longer holds a lot of weight. Throwing those epithets around enough times insures that they lose their charge. And too many of us are smarter than to allow ourselves to be defined by the lemmings on the left.

      Their ignorance defines them.

  • roxannadanna

    And classless.

  • samhenry

    And this IS disrespect, no doubt about it. You don’t hang graphics in front of a statue of Washington. Mindless. Tactless. Insensitive.

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