S’mores with Hugo Chavez and Peter Joesph

I’ve been consumed with family matters for the last 2 weeks and little time to do much more than check my email, which has been slightly peppered with comments about a person and cult that I really didn’t have a lot of interest in, and post a couple of replies to said blog. One thing I’ve discovered about this cult is that a little attention goes miles for them.

Seriously now, who am I to be bothering with? My opinion is really non-consequential in the scheme of their Utopian plans. And yet, they kept coming back to try clarify their ‘movement’ to an audience that really doesn’t care and views them as a bunch of wacky folks. And a great deal of their clarifications is nothing more than babbling. I’ve read their posts and aside from calling me a coward and basically unenlightened, nothing they say makes a whole lot of sense.

Does anyone really believe that we can have a borderless world? Every nation will open it’s borders and we will have free range humans, everywhere? We will become a global nation with no currency and only barter for trade?

Oh, come on. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here.)

I wonder if my neighbor will take a pot of my homemade spaghetti sauce in trade for a couple hours of using his chainsaw to trim my mesquite tree? Honestly, I look around my little room here as I type and wonder what in the world I have of value to anyone else to use as barter. These ‘things’ only hold value to me. Who’s going to take a box full of yarn in trade for a gallon of gas? Not my local corner gas station, I can assure you of that!

I can see Hugo Chavez and that guy in Iran whose name I can’t spell and don’t want to google right now (one radio guy calls him Imadon Inadinnerjacket, which works for me), giving up all their power so we can all sit together and roast marshmallows, can’t you?  And what would they use for barter? Oil for no money? Uranium for no guns? Just for the chance to eat s’mores and sing campfire songs with the whole wide world?

Oh, I think not.

The hard truth about life is this: Some people just won’t ever grow up. And they won’t ever go away, either.





5 responses to “S’mores with Hugo Chavez and Peter Joesph

  • samhenry

    Forget him. All terrorists and anarchists look and sound alike. He looked like Faisal Shahzad to me. And he spoke nonsense. I have had to install a mental delete button.


    Always keep in mind when dealing with the liberal mindset Saul Alinsky’s statement in his book ‘Rules for Radicals’, “isolate, ridicule, destroy”.
    That is their mantra.
    They revert to name calling as a defense whenever anybody disagrees with their opinion, or talk incessantly until you stop.
    I have found that if you ask them what they base their opinion on, you will find that they really have no sound fact based ground to stand on.
    They just keep repeating what they have been told.
    They speak in circles, which is maddening to me.
    Their intent is to shut down any reasonable/common sense argument placed in the path of their agenda or their opinion.
    When we give up trying to talk sense to them, they feel as if they have won the argument.
    NPR this morning was positing certain accusations concerning Darrell Issa’s past.
    Now watch them try and destroy his reputation while refusing to produce any records whatsoever of Obama’s.

    The double standard needs to go.

    • roxannadanna

      Well Ron, we have to LET them practice the Alinsky rules against us and you and I and most of the rest of us, choose not to let them do that.
      What they aren’t getting is that the majority of Americans are on to them now and their tactics are having less and less impact. You know, it really has gotten old and boring to most of us.
      You go, Ron! We patriots won’t stand down!

  • inge

    Thanks you, I couldn’t have said it better!

    You know something is wrong with their thinking when they attempt to force you into their belief by labeling you with ‘cowards, idiots’ etc which is actually funny thinking about it. Why do they have the need of ‘convincing’ if they were so sure of their utopian dream?
    Did they ever heard of ‘conviction’?

    • roxannadanna

      And thank you, inge! You got it right – if it’s so perfect, it should require no convincing at all. We should all want to jump right into their parade! LOL

      What a bunch of rubes! LOL

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