Updated: There will be no return to ‘civility’

I am stunned and becoming about as discouraged as I’ve been since November ’08.

If you’ve not seen this video, that’s been posted at Fox News, attacking Sarah Palin in the most vicious, vile and obscene ways, well… you may not want to see it. The language is over the top, the threats are off the charts and the civility? HA! There will be no return to civility in this nation after seeing that.

Google Sarah Palin and this is the drop down menu you will get:

Sarah Palin



breast implants





hot pics

I think we’re beyond civility and unfortunately, beyond hope.

Beyond hope.

Have we no leaders in this country who will stand up and say “this has to STOP”?

Our  nation is so severely divided and I fear it’s not reconcilable.


Since I wrote this blog (less than 30 minutes ago) the Google drop down menu has changed, entirely when you search her name. Interesting…

16 responses to “Updated: There will be no return to ‘civility’

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    […] Updated: There will be no return to ‘civility’ […]

  • samhenry

    I was under the impression that if you said such things in the US against another person you could be at the very least investigated. She is a former public official and it should be done. I may not have made my mind up yet about a Palin presidency but I have made my mind up that attacks on her are both unjustified and indefensible and inhumane. Imagine her younger kids seeing all of this crap. This is not the home of the free and the brave. This is the home of the manipulated and the cowards. Another good post.

    Craig Ferguson on Late Night with…said “We are seeing the world’s foremost communist and the Chinese President getting together this week.”

    • roxannadanna

      And this is the true point of it all, Sam – just what you said. I have never in my lifetime seen anyone treated this way by fellow Americans. Even George W. didn’t get this kind of treatment. No one has to like the woman but for God’s sake, is their no decency left in this country? It’s like there are no bounds with the hate toward her.
      I’m not sure I’m going to support her for president (if she even chooses to run) but no one should ever be treated this badly. No one.

    • roxannadanna

      P.S. Craig Ferguson is right!

  • VotingFemale

    […] Updated: There will be no return to ‘civility’ […]


    Roxy, the double standard is disgusting.
    Over at American Thinker, Jeannie DeAngelis rocks with her piece on the ‘Memorial’ in Arizona. Here’s the link.
    http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/01/rev_obamas_revival_meeting html
    – This gal gets it.

    • AFVET

      make that meeting.html
      hey, old fingers, old eyes.

    • roxannadanna

      Ron, that is an outstanding article! Like I said before, I’m sure more astute folks will see more than I did. And at the time I wrote my blog, I didn’t know all about the t-shirt crap.

      Thanks for the link. It really does put this all in perspective for me.

  • samiam60

    Good Morning Roxy and Arlene. I was thinking about this the other day, you know all the attacks on Sarah Palin and her family. It dawned on me that we all had to endure the 8 years of Bush Bashing until the end of his second term. At that point the left and the left wing media went silent. Next thing you know, they cast Sarah Palin into the GW time slot and continue on with their never ending hate rants and threats. Well, something to think about anyways 😉

    • roxannadanna

      Amen and right on target! They have to have someone or something to demonize. It’s what being a liberal is all about. I remember reading a quote from Bill Ayers talking about the end of the Viet Nam war and how he despaired that there would no longer be a reason to live because there was no longer a cause to fight against or for. Of course, as history has shown, the leftists always have a fall back cause: against racism, for feminism, whatever.

  • arlenearmy

    Actually YouTube took the original video down. But somebody else reposted it to let the public be aware of the left’s threats towards Palin.

  • arlenearmy

    You’re right. The lines are drawn.

    The way I feel right now, I wouldn’t hire a liberal even if they charged me cheaper price. I dont want them on my property. The ones who did this to Palin can rot in hell.

    • roxannadanna

      Arlene, I’ve never in my life seen such evil behavior as that towards Palin and Bachmann, too. It’s stunning to me how cruel and inhumane these people are and you know, I think most of them are like 23 years old, too.

      I’m with you, they can rot in hell for this.

      As for drawn lines: no matter how hard we try to be civil, they will not. They drew these lines, especially with this Palin video. If anyone will have “blood on their hands” it sure won’t be Palin or the right.

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