Updated: The president actually moved me tonight – in a good way.

I will leave it up to those who are more astute than I, but my initial response to TheOne’s speech in Tucson tonight was this:

It was the most inspirational and presidential speech I’ve heard from him in 2 years, and I’ve heard them all. He actually sounded, and made me feel like, he is the President of the UNITED States and not just the hard left.

By the same token, I’m extremely disappointed in John Boehner, who opted to stay in DC for a fund raiser instead of attending this memorial. There will be plenty of time to raise money but this is a one time, one day, one night opportunity to pay his respects to his colleague and to those victims.

I’m astounded by his lack of sensitivity. I hope I’m wrong and there is a good reason for his decision but at this point in time, I can’t see it.

Updated by me:

I had not tuned into this service early enough to see the Indian Medicine Man open the “ceremonies.”  I got to see that this morning and I have to wonder why and who chose this way to open a memorial service.  I can’t put into words exactly what this made me feel like but suffice it to say, it wasn’t comfortable.

I also want to clarify that I know this was only 1 speech by TheOne and does not indicate any kind of change in his future rhetoric. Nor do I expect him to change his demeanor. Standing alone, though, it was still a good speech.

I have heard some explanations about Boehner’s choice to stay in DC. I understand his choice, but still I question it.

One response to “Updated: The president actually moved me tonight – in a good way.

  • steve

    I heard part of his speech last nite and the words were okay. I don’t watch television so I heard it on the radio. I was somewhat dismayed at the fact that as people were applauding and cheering … well, it just didn’t seem like a memorial service. Obama seemed to get ramped up at the applause, talking louder etc. like when he was campaigning. I don’t know, I wouldn’t want him to speak at any of my loved ones memorials, as I just feel something disengenuous in him. But that’s just me.

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