Quote of the Day – Aaron Goldstein

If Olbermann and other liberals are somehow successful in expunging Palin from public life as a result of this horrific tragedy, it will embolden them to dismiss the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the whole Tea Party Movement and anybody else they deem to be undesirable. But if liberals succeed in ridding themselves of the riff-raff and still cannot bring about hope and change, then who will be left to blame? Liberals get no satisfaction in taking responsibility for their own actions.     Aaron Goldstein/ The American Spectator

7 responses to “Quote of the Day – Aaron Goldstein

  • Bob Mack

    No honor among thieves or Democrats…oh, wait…they’re the same thing.

  • samiam60

    Good Afternoon Roxannadanna,,,,,,, 😉

    I just left Bob’s post @CrockettLives and I have to tell you that he and you are spot on with this Ranting of the Left. Here is pretty much how I see what is coming and, well, you know, this is just my opinion but I think it will come to this real soon now.

    What we are seeing now between the Left and Right reminds me of the School Yard back in my youth. You know, the Bully keeps bugging you and taunting you and then one day it turns into a shouting match and then one shoves the other and the other shoves back and the next thing you know the fists begin to fly and keep flying till one or the other gives up.

    I see the Left as provoking this fight and I do not believe they will let up until that one day when they go to far. What they don’t know is that they will be opening up one big can of Whoop Ass and they won’t be able to get the lid back on that can once it is opened.

    So, that is the way I see this going and in all honesty I am thinking it is unavoidable. Obama is in ruins along with the Democrat Party. The Left have nothing left to lose anymore and are not handling defeat very well. This is the Mold of Socialism and how it solves its problems. Violence!

    • roxannadanna

      Well as much as I hate to admit it, it is the way of the left. They only know violence as a solution. And I agree with you, they are pushing and bullying us into a corner. They are picking a fight and they don’t know what they are in for if they continue on this path.
      These are scary times. And just when I thought I could sleep a little easier with a majority in the House, the left starts unraveling things someplace else.

      They just won’t give up or give in. I just wish they’d go the hell away!!!

      • steve

        Hey Roxy;
        And as much as I hat to admit it, having a majority in the House is near meaningless. I’m disgusted with the Congress. I think nearly every one of them are a joke. Interested only in advancing their careers. The newer members are looking to get re-elected enough times to collect the retirement benefits of a life-time. I’m sure there could be a few real Americans there, but I honestly can’t think of even one right this minute. We’re going to have to wait to see the stand they make, if any, against the squatter and his regime.

        • AFVET

          Steve, you should be disgusted with the regime that is bypassing the congress with executive orders.
          You should be disgusted with Obama’s disregard for the American People’s opinion.
          You should be disgusted with Obama calling the sheriff of Pima Co.
          and patting him on the back for a good job.
          Everyone of them is not a joke.
          The jokes exist on the extreme liberal/progressive side.
          I have not seen one conservative politician to date demean the Constitution.
          However, I have seen many liberals dismiss the Constitution as something to be manipulated.
          The House of Representatives is the voice of the People.
          We have made inroads toward our voice being heard in the last election.
          The intelligent Americans will defeat Obama and his regime.

          • steve

            Of course I’m disgusted with the things you’ve listed. I suppose time will soon tell about the inroads we made in the last election, and who are jokes and who aren’t. Alot of us thought that Scott Brown was going to be the “saviour” as well …
            In my humble opinion, ALL of those in the Congress that were in office when Obama was sworn in demeaned the Constitution, along with those “conservatives” on the Supreme Court, as they knew then and know now that he was/is a fraud.
            Like I said, of course I’m disgusted with every act Obama and his ilk does; but he never would have been squatting in the White House to begin with if the so called “conservatives” in the Congress followed the Constitution.


    Let not your heart be troubled Roxy.

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