Joy Behar Decries All ‘This Constitution Loving’

As opposed to…?As Levin would say – “the yenta” speaks!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 responses to “Joy Behar Decries All ‘This Constitution Loving’

  • Regenia

    I am very happy that I was born a woman and that I have the opportunity to work just like men do. I believe that this was a good thing about the womens movement. Other than that it was one of the worst things that has happened to our country. Women do not know when to keep their mouth shut!. It was a woman that got prayer taken out of school. This was one of the first downfalls of our country. When people start following the ignorant we have a huge problem. If you are offended about something look the other way and do something else do not start a big stink. Just live and let live.


    Behar is a moron, along with Rosy O’Donnell, who stated that steel doesn’t melt in reference to the World Trade Centers crashing onto the streets of New York.
    Rosy, steel melts, you fool,……. ever been to a steel mill ?
    Behar isn’t being exactly held up as an individual with much credibility by the intelligent people in the media.
    What a dork !, both of them.

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