My new outrage: No insurance for a newborn

My beautiful, healthy new grandson will be on Medicaid. His parents are both fulltime working adults and they will have to put this child on government aide in order for him to get medical care.

I know this is true because we have called numerous insurance companies and have gotten the same response.  Today,  I called my congressman, Trent Franks office in DC and got the same answer. A child will no longer be able to get, for instance Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Every company Jane and her dad called told her the same thing: because of the new healthcare bill, they will no longer cover a child.

I can be covered, with an inoperable brain tumor but a healthy newborn child cannot. My congressman’s representative could not explain how that works. . .

Jane is a 2nd grade teacher and is insured through the school district but to add Alexander to that policy, it will cost her an additional $470/month. . . PER MONTH. This is the reason she has been searching for private insurance for him. When I told Jane that Medicaid was going to be her only option – before she had made a second call to any insurance company – she said “I don’t even know what that is.” I told her it was basically welfare and her response was “I’m not doing that. I work fulltime.”

This is the goal of the progressives: continue and reinforce the entitlement society. Put all new citizens on the government dole and if possible, do so from birth.

At this point, I am so angry I can’t think straight to write this blog.

5 responses to “My new outrage: No insurance for a newborn

  • nooneofanyimport

    I sure am sorry to hear about this difficulty. As far as the political implications go, all a leftist would have to offer is “it’s the insurance companies fault that premiums are so high, not the gov’t!”

    uh huh. right. the gov’t forcing additional costs onto the insurance companies has nothing to do with the increase in premiums, and these are not the droids you are looking for.

    I hope that in the long run a solution is found for your grandson. We have strayed so far from the idea of paying for our own medical care, that we are now prevented from paying for our own medical care.

    Keep us posted, will you?

    my best, Linda

    • roxannadanna

      Thanks Linda! The recourse for these parents will be insurance over $400/month, or so it appears.

      How does this crap lower medical costs???

      “you lie!” were the 2 most accurate words uttered last year.

  • roxannadanna

    Both parents can add him to their policies but in, as I said, Jane’s case it will cost her $470/month. She simply cannot afford that. At this point, I’m not sure what the dad’s insurance coverage is or what that will cost.

    If it were up to me and I was the parent, I would opt out of any insurance and pay cash for all doctor visits and prescriptions. But I’m sure that is not allowed under ObamaCare, either.

    This has got to be repealed, whether piece by piece or in total, or by defunding. It has got to be stopped!


    Sorry to hear that Roxy.
    I heard on NPR this morning that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has raised their rates something like 59%, due to the exodus of healthy people dropping coverage.
    If the congress is successful in repealing Obamacare and initiating competition across state lines, the prices for coverage will come down.
    Hopefully Alexander’s parents have another insurance company they can turn to.

  • samiam60

    I am so sorry to hear this on the health care coverage. This Obamacare crap is going to cause all kinds of trouble throughout the Insurance Industry. I sure hope it gets repealed.

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