Its a New Year but the same old battles

As an old year closes and a new one beckons, here’s the question before us all, a question that challenges us each annum. Do we boldly paddle ahead, no matter how small and unstable our vessel seems, into whatever awaits beyond the year’s final edge? Or do we desperately hold on or, worse, cower before the unknown? Do we rest on laurels or, instead, try to accomplish more, do more good, and brave (as a verb) new worlds?

For our part, conservatives made significant strides this year, but the civic waves are not yet sweet enough for the lasting health of this, our nation. Like Reepicheep, we conservatives have been conditioned, in this case by Ronald Reagan rather than a dryad, to believe we have a rendezvous with destiny. Nor should we forget that we serve not just a nation, but the One who created all nations and endowed us with the liberty to choose. We are at this year’s tail end. Unhand the tail, and reach for the next great task before us. Quin Hillyar/The American Spectator

Enjoy your weekend. This is 2 day a respite from the real work ahead and unlike TheOne, I don’t see too many vacations or golf outings in the coming years for us. The communist progressives (or as they now want to be called – the NoLabels) have gotten their entire body – not just a foot or 2 – in the door and they will not give up until they own the whole house. . . and senate, Supreme Court, every Department of __  fill in the blank and every regulatory agency that controls our lives.

(Of course we all know that for these next 2 years at least, they can’t own THE House.)

Conservatives have to resolve this weekend that in the coming year we make more calls, send more emails, blog more and post more, carry signs if need be and make more noise while we hold the Congress’ feet to the fire. Many of them still need to be reminded that their jobs are dependent on the will of The People; that Congress is a right-to-work place and they hold their jobs only at the pleasure and will of The People. If it takes more than an election cycle or 3, in the end, they can and will be fired if they fail to uphold the Constitution. They are on notice.

Every single one of us have to redouble our efforts this year.  TheOne and his OtherOne (aka Michelle) cannot be allowed another term of White House cocktail parties, in-house concerts and globe jetting vacations at our expense.

We made great strides in ’10 and we can’t let up now.

We have huge battles ahead with immigration, unemployment, unions busting state and federal budgets, internet censorship, EPA, FDA and Department of Ag regulations, energy concerns . . .

Roll up your sleeves on Monday morning and do not forget:

We are the patriots. We are the in the right, on the right and the Right-eous.

And don’t argue with me on that.

Happy New Year!

6 responses to “Its a New Year but the same old battles

  • samiam60

    Ok everyone listen up. So Roxannadanna just came over to my blog post and said this:
    Roxannadanna said:
    Thank you Sam for pressing my “like” buttons. That sure is great to see! I read so many that I like and never remember to do that. I’m going to start doing it more this year.

    Samiam says:
    So, Roxannadanna my dear, why did you then forget to click my like button and leave. I am rofl my friend. You are just too funny. 😉

  • samiam60

    Good Morning Roxy 😀 Stopped by to see if you had a new post up. Busy week for our Country and tomorrow should be what we have all been working and waiting for. Take back Our Country. Hope all is well with you dear.

    • roxannadanna

      Hi Sam! I’m suffering with bloggers block, right now. Lots to read but almost nothing to say. I will say this though- good having Rush and Levin back on the radio again. That was a long 2 weeks!


    As the eloquent bard William Shakespeare stated many years ago,…..

    ” Cry Havoc, and release the Dogs of War !”

    We have put the army in place, it is now up to them and We the People to ensure the results of our efforts.
    The noise from the left could be deafening in the next two years.
    The louder , the better.

    Let’s see what they got.
    Happy New Year to you and yours and the new addition to your family.
    Alexander, you are a lucky little man !!!!

    • roxannadanna

      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. . .”
      that would gut most of our government and for the better, me thinks.


      Happy New Year, Ron to you and yours! Looking forward to another year with great friends and patriots like you!

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