History will note that Obama and his supporters ushered in the decline of America

Obama has no mandate at home, and he has even less of one abroad. America’s enemies do not fear him. Only our allies do.

Daniel Greenfield/Eurasia Review

I read this column, linked from FoxNation this morning.  Boy, this guy has really nailed the Obama administration and the world view of his regime and America.  It’s depressing to think that we are headed for another term of irrelevance and indifference from the entire world all at the expense of Obama trying to become the cool kid at the UN.

The 20th century was the century of America. The 21st will be the century of our decline, I’m afraid, if we don’t stop this man and his regime.  The first decade has ended poorly for us, as a nation.

If you haven’t already, please read when you have the time.


10 responses to “History will note that Obama and his supporters ushered in the decline of America

  • Bill K

    Sorry Guys, but Ben has it right. Daniel Greenfield tries to make it seem like Bush’s ruinous foreign policy got the respect of other countries while Obama is ignored by them. Any decent research will show that is not true. But of course when has FoxNation ever done decent research? The job of Fox is just to make Democrats look bad.

    On 9/11 the entire civilized world was on our side. We could have led them to achieve great things. Instead Bush & Co. invaded and occupied two coutries – one without provocation. They let Osama slip away while they handed out Iraq’s oil fields to American companies. Worldwide terrorism increased every year after 9/11 under their watch. They ignored North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs. They supported illegal wiretapping, secret prisons and torture. They encouraged a housing and credit bubble that ulitmately resulted in a world-wide recession. They bailed out the banks while unemployment doubled.

    The world learned from Bush that the U.S. could no longer be counted on to lead the free world and set a good example for the rest of the world. Historians will clearly mark the start of America’s decline at the Bush administration. You can drink the Fox kool-aid if you like, but informed people can clearly see where the decline began.

    • roxannadanna

      As with your friend Ben, this is your one claim to fame on my blog. After this you will be deleted and spammed.
      If either of you had read my “about” page you would know that I’m not interested in debating or arguing with people like you. If I were, I’d be on your websites. And I do not want anti-Americans on my site, either. One can be critical of our government without being out and out anti-America, which is not a line you respect.
      I’m not going to argue recent history with you: vis-a-vis Bush and Obama with some Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton thrown in. If you and Ben had read the op-ed piece, you would know that this is not a FoxNation article but one from a European site by an author not associated with Fox.
      You did not read it, therefore you have no argument worth countering.
      YOU have “drank the Kool-Aid” and there is no finding common ground with you or Ben. It’s just not going to be possible.
      Have a happy New Year and be aware that you will not be posting here again so please, don’t waste your time.

      • Bill K

        Roxanna said “…I’m not interested in debating or arguing…”.

        Yes, that is clear from your website. You would much prefer a closed loop where reality does not intrude.

        You also said “…I do not want anti-Americans on my site…”

        Anti-Americans?! Where? I am not the one constantly bad-mouthing the current American president without any facts to back it up. Clearly all you can do is try to smear me with out actually addressing the topic at hand. And you threaten to spam me to try to shut me up. More proof that you live in a fragile bubble of alternate reality.

        Please enjoy the small satisfaction of banning me from your site. Have a happy new year!

      • roxannadanna

        No, let me explain this to you a little more clearly. If I want to debate and argue I go to sites to do that. I don’t want to do it here because THIS IS MY SITE.

        ON MY SITE, I can say what I want to say and I don’t have to engage with leftists like you.

        You are welcome to argue your points on sites like BigGovernment – and I’m sure you do. But ON MY SITE, I will not debate with you or your ilk.

        Is that clear enough for you?

        Start your own blog and blast away at what you believe are idiots like me. I will not encourage that here.

        GOOD BYE!


    Great Post Roxy.
    The world has essentially dismissed Obarry.
    The world is watching our congress, the American People, and the power we have to constrain the boy dictator.
    Two years of ‘gotcha’ may be in play here.
    I am looking forward to the game.

  • roxannadanna

    Thanks for your post.

    It’s not worth debunking but I wonder how many more years you and your kind will continue to blame Bush for the failures of a president you so worship.

    You’re just another misguided, misinformed, useful idiot.
    Now take off and don’t bother coming back, because your next post won’t be allowed.

    Happy New Year. . . you dope.

  • Ben Hoffman

    Never forget that Bush allowed us to be attacked on 9/11, that he doubled the national debt, started two unwinnable wars, and destroyed our economy.

    Obama’s biggest failure is the continuation of many of Bush’s policies. Otherwise, he’ll be an irrelevant footnote in history regarding the collapse of the United States.

    • AFVET

      You remind me of other people that do not study history, but are glued to the incompetent left wing bloggers/media that continually distort the truth.

      When you make comments like yours on blogs like this, you are putting your ignorance on display.

      Enjoy the next two years Ben Hoffman, don’t let your head explode.

      • roxannadanna

        If this idiot wants to argue the points, how about he read the op-ed link?
        Because as you say Ron, he only reads the left wing , Obama Loving blogs.

        They don’t get it – Americans are sick of the “blame Bush” argument.

        But keep it up you Obama drones – It’s a sure bet loser!!!

    • AFVET

      Bill Clinton allowed Osama to skate.
      The bombings of the World Trade Center happened on Clintons watch.
      Bush inherited Clintons wuss policies that prompted the attack on the WTC.
      Get an education Ben, then come back and talk.
      I am not the administrator of this blog, but the one who is sees through your intentions.
      No-one here can be bested by a fool.

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