FCC votes today to regulate the internet

Why does the government insist on screwing up things that aren’t broken?

There was nothing wrong with DADT. Does any employer ask about the sex life of any prospective employee? No one has ever asked me if I’m a heterosexual during a job interview. They can’t ask that question.

So now it appears that we are going to see the internet regulated by the government. The goal is to stifle conservative thought and speech but they are saying it’s to make it more fair to the consumer. Where in the Constitution does it say it’s the government’s job to make things “fair” in the markets or for the people?

The FCC says that big corporations like Verizon and ComCast aren’t being fair to it’s customers by slowing connections or not allowing connections to certain sites. If that’s the case then the customer has the option to change providers. And when enough customers drop the company, the failing company will either make changes to appeal to the population or they will fail entirely. That’s how the free market works. It’s called competition.

But the government can’t stand something that works well and is unregulated. Regulation means, in the end, more money for the government, as well as control over the content or production.

The FCC wants to make the internet available to everyone in this nation. Where is it not available? There is nothing that is holding anyone back from access. It’s free in every library in this nation and available in almost every school. It’s cheap in most markets. Is it the goal of the FCC to soon provide every household in this nation with a computer?

The FCC is violating a court order and the Congress by this action. Where does the FCC stop with this? Once one regulation is put in motion, nothing stops it from further regulations.  We all know that government has never stopped at one goal line. They keep moving the goal and keep regulating further. The real goal is to quash conservative thought and speech.

The day will come when I will have to pay for this blog or end it. That’s one of the FCC’s goals – another way to make money for the government and another way to stifle conservative speech. That means that conservative bloggers like me, will not be allowed this free speech forum. It’s already being done in Pennsylvania where a person has to pay $300 for a license to blog.

A license to blog – think about that. We will need permission by the government to exercise our free speech right. There will be countless sites that you will not be able to read or post your opinion to because there will be countless blogs that will no longer exist. It stifles the free speech of readers, as well.

This is going to be a boondoggle for lawyers. Litigation will rule the day and the free market and free speech will be in the dumper.

We have not even touched the surface of what this will do to small providers like Lariat in Wyoming which provides service to rural areas. They are looking at their demise at the hands of this behemoth regulatory agency.

The FCC is making an end run around the Courts, Congress and the Constitution. This is the only way the Obama Regime can erase the first amendment from the Constitution and that is what they want.

14 responses to “FCC votes today to regulate the internet

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    The old saying states,…Once the camel gets his nose inside the tent, the rest of him will follow.
    The internet debacle, and now the repeal of DADT are examples of the above analogy.
    What’s next for our military, acceptance of transvestites ?
    The active straight troops are being forced into a situation they did not sign up for.
    Depending on how this policy is implemented, I surmise that there will be an exodus from the ranks when enlistments come up, and a reduction in re-enlistments.

    • roxannadanna

      Yes Ron, I’m really interested to see those stats in the coming year(s) because I agree with you. There will be a drop in enlistments and an increase in lawsuits.

      Mark my words. This is another boondoggle for trial attorneys. We will start seeing discrimination and so-called civil rights violations and hate crime lawsuits, right and left.

      This is the tactic of the left. They get what they want and then they start suing everyone, bankrupting everyone in order to bring down those who they oppose.

      • AFVET

        Roxy, I ran across a new blogger, stay at home Mom, hubby active duty Navy.
        I recently asked her to keep us vets apprised of the transition due to DADT, and she said she would.
        She has a great sense of humor, you may enjoy the read.

      • AFVET

        Linda’s writing style reminds me of Erma Bombeck.
        A combination of facts, and a common sense approach to them, with a bit of humor injected where needed.

        • nooneofanyimport

          Gosh, Ron, thanks for the compliment! I popped over here b/c I had some traffic from this site, and now I know why. I’ll hafta read some Erma Bombeck to see what I’m compared to. LOL. And I’m glad to be intoduced to this Diary of a Mad Conservative, seems like a nice place. I’ll hafta have a look around . . .

          Merry Christmas evrbodee!

          • roxannadanna

            Merry Christmas to you, too and thank you for stopping by. I hope you come back often.

            You have a great blog, just as Ron said. And it’s great to make friends with another like minded gal!


    Well said Roxy !
    Don’t get me started on DADT.
    Defunding the FCC, the EPA, the NEA, and many other onerous organizations will be the task of the next congress.
    That, IMO is the first test of the Tea Party candidates we elected in November.
    We need to starve this government.
    Obama has eliminated himself as a viable president.
    The only people listening to him have the mentality of liberals, progressives, goldfish, or gerbils.

    America will survive, we always do.

    Thanks for your efforts over the past year to bring critical issues to the forefront.
    Let Freedom Ring Roxy, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • roxannadanna

      It’s your input on my blog and others that keep everyone reading and thinking. It’s the alternative thoughts and expanded ideas that you add, that make it worth everyone’s time. Thank you Ron for being part of the blogs, especially mine.

      I think that in the end, the progressives will be sorry for the FCC regulations – and there will be lots more coming. This is a double edged sword. When the government regulates the internet – it regulated them, also. It intrudes on their first amendment rights too. And it will mean more money for lawyers who will be litigated these cases.

      This is a huge mistake.

    • Schny Ko

      I’m not really sure why those on the right seem to have many things backwards – on DADT, whilst you may not be asked to specify your sexuality for a job, you also cannot be fired if you are discovered to be gay. DADT gives this protection to gays in the military that their fellow souldiers have and you have at work. It’s called equality.

      And the FCC ‘regulating’ the internet is the equivalent of the 1st amendment ‘regulating’ free speech. Both give the ‘speaker’ e.g. person, website, blog equal opportunities to be heard. The FCC ruling will prevent a two lane (fast and slow) system developing. This development is already being discussed by the likes of Verizon and Comcast.
      And to your point of letting free market competition be the judge of whether a two lane system would be popular. Many areas of the country don’t have a choice of providers. You have the one, large corporate provider or you have no internet.

      • roxannadanna

        I don’t who you are and I’m not interested in arguing or debating you on these topics. You are wrong headed in your points.

        If the FCC and this regime are left unfettered for the next 2 years, these things will all be revealed to you and your ilk.

      • AFVET

        Schny Ko………
        DADT,..have you ever served our country, or are you planning too ?
        The 1st Amendment does not regulate free speech, re-read it.
        Capitalism will eliminate ‘the dark areas in the country’ that do not have access to a plethora of choices, due to a monopoly of internet providers.
        It costs lots of MONEY to provide high speed access to the internet across the fruited plain. Only the government throws money at a bad investment, our money.
        With the current uncertainty existing within our economic community,
        no company, that hasn’t got a bye from Obama, can afford to speculate on the expense it would take to provide the high speed connection necessary to elevate the poor dial up computer users that have never had the connection speed or bandwidth capable of downloading movies at will.
        Free market capitalism made this country what it is, and we are watching Obama and his administration tear it down at every turn.

        It has happened before, read history.
        Woodrow Wilson and FDR did the most damage.
        Every time, America regained it’s common sense, and rebounded from from the brink of overwhelming socialism.
        Lame Duck congresses were started in the 40’s, under FDR.
        What a surprise !

        • roxannadanna

          Great points all and I tried to make the free market point but I think he (or she) missed it.
          What’s going to happens will the the end of lots of small business providers and lots of litigation.
          This IS a regime and it sucks!!!

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