Julian Assange learned the Breitbart tactic

Just as Andrew Breitbart calculated his release of James O’Keefe’s ACORN videos,  Assange is doing the same thing. The ACORN videos were released in stages for maximum effect and in order to put the ACORNuts off balance. WikiLeaks’ releases are coming in stages in order to keep the Obama regime off-kilter and uncomfortable.

What comes next? What damage will need to be controlled? No one knows and no one knows how serious the effects will be. Despite assurances to the contrary, how many lives will be at risk because of these dumps?  And why should anyone trust these people? For that matter, why should anyone trust America?

As noted in Toby Harnden’s Telegraph article, although Assange has assured the world that the names and identifying information has been redacted,  how many UK-educated engineers from prominent Pre-Revolution Isfahan families who once owned a large factory in Iran and are former national fencing champions of Iran, former presidents of the Iran Fencing
Association and former vice-presidents of an Azerbaijan sports association do you think there are out there?

You don’t think someone can figure out who you’re talking about there, Mr.Assange? I’m thinking that it’s probably not too hard for the Iranians to figure out who this is.

I”m going to say it again: if the Obama regime can shut down domains that are pirating music, why can’t they stop WikiLeaks from damaging alliances and endangering lives? How is Homeland Security keeping us safe by preventing people from downloading music? This is the most asinine government in the entire world.

We are being ridiculed and condemned all over the world because of the O’regime’s misplaced priorities. Just read some of the comments from Brits and Europeans, at the end of this article.  Here’s one of my favorites:

Someone really needs to shoot some people in the US to make this go away.

Who do these people think they are? Since when do they OWN the WWW – WORLD Wide Web – not AWW.

Someone needs to teach this country a lesson.

This is how the world sees us. We can’t control the dangers from the likes of Julian Assange but we can shut down a website that’s selling counterfeit Gucci handbags.

That’s what I call a superpower. Don’t you?


3 responses to “Julian Assange learned the Breitbart tactic

  • arlenearmy

    My take on this wikileak stuff reminds me of 2 situations in my life on company theft policies.

    1. Many yrs. ago I applied for plain clothe security job at an exclusive department store. In the interview, I was told that if theft occurred, keep it under raps because the public embarrassment that theft occurred IS worst than the crime being administrated in the courts. See, there’s insurance issues. Image ramifications for the store.

    2. Another incident happened at a supper club where I used to work. An employee got pissed at another & decided to start fire in Ladies room. The barmaid called the fire dept. Suddenly the bar owner walked in & immediately cancelled the call. He actually fired the barmaid for calling the fire dept. because law enforcement of any kind would make a report of possible crime committed on the premises. It was better for mgt. to put out the fire, pay damages out of pocket, keep mouths shut & to pretend it never happened THAN for it to be blasted on 6oclock news & cops making public record of the incident.


    The world is waiting on the American People to take back America.
    We have taken the first step by electing a congress that will be beholding to the conservative values this country was built upon.
    In two years we will have another election whereby one third of the senate is up for grabs, along with the house of reps, and the Presidency.
    The EU is crumbling and the only country that has the ability to bail it out is Germany.
    The Germans don’t want to over-extend themselves to throw money at countries that cannot control their finances.
    I think that Germany is an example in the EU that we will see in this country with New York, California, Michigan, and Illinois.
    This country cannot afford to bail out states that refuse to mind their “personal finances”.
    These states should rather look to the states that are NOT in debt, and find out how they did that.
    No unfunded mandates from the feds.
    No stimulus from the feds.
    The Obama regime has exposed themselves for what they are, and the Clintons and Jimmy Carter are grasping at the last vestige of uncontrollable power.
    Not on our watch.

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