No warning – Your domain name is gone! But anyone (who’s progressive) can use the presidential seal.

DHS has seized this page!

Claiming that it is seizing domain names (like and do search that site so you can see the DHS seizure notice) that are infringing on copyright and counterfeit laws, the DHS has been pretty busy while the rest of us were enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie.

These domain owners had no advance notice or warnings and in fact, even was unaware that its clients were losing their sites.  until after the deed was done.

The targets – at this time – are bootleg music and replica or as DHS calls them, counterfeit handbag-type sites.

Seriously, you’re ordering a Louis Vuittan bag for $49.95 and you think it’s authentic? You really are a dope, if you think so.

So while we’re on the topic of counterfeit, bootleg and pirated stuff, how about this story: Center for American Progress using presidential seal on its ‘teaching Obama how to be a progessive president’ materials.

ALG [Americans for Limited Government] President Bill Wilson initially sent a letter to White House counsel Robert Bauer asking if he granted an exception to the Center for American Progress to use the seal for its publication, “The Power of the President: Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change.”

The report offers President Obama a blueprint on how he can advance his agenda through the use of  executive orders, instead of relying on Congress after Democrats lost control of the House in this month’s midterm elections.

There’s been no response from the White House or from the DOJ on whether permission was granted to CAP to use the seal on its publication.  As the Fox story explains, the use of the seal is very narrow and limited primarily to educational and historical purposes. You can’t just go around slapping THE seal on documents without asking first. . . unless you’re John Podesta or on the George Soros payroll, then I suppose it’s okay to pirate THE seal to promote your propaganda.

Is this the change all those college students voted for? Their music and faux designer handbag and shoe sites are being shut down by DHS – like they have nothing more important to shut down – and the regime is making noises about deactivating their cell phones in their cars.

I hope they are loving this “fundamental transformation” they went all gah-gah over 2 years ago.

They deserve this.

8 responses to “No warning – Your domain name is gone! But anyone (who’s progressive) can use the presidential seal.

  • arlenearmy

    Those federal Seals when prominently posted on folks domains sites, look a bit threatening. It’s no wonder people have distrust for government. We all know that federal government DON’T give a damn about music pirating. This is about control.

    Actually I think that by Feds posting those Seals on private citizens websites constitiutes abuse of power. It don’t take a rocket scientist to see that DHS is try to intimidate us.

    • roxannadanna

      I think this is very intimidating Arlene. And I have to wonder why this at this time. And why no outrage from the public? How much does this have to do with the planned take-over of the ‘net by the government under the guise of net-neutrality? This is a strong arm tactic and is it meant to scare us or soften us up?

      And on another topic – if it’s that easy to take over a replica rolex watch site, why is WikiLeaks so hard to shut down?

      • arlenearmy

        1. About lack of outrage? First of all the general public is scared of the government. Scared of getting gunned down in the streets by feds after being labeled as a dangerous domestic terrorist. Scared that they won’t have back up if they step out & protest. Glen Beck & Palin can only do so much. Trust me, folks are outraged but not outwardly out of fear.

        2. How to deal with this? One of 2 ways- civil or not so civil; or both. As long as O is in the WH, the chaos will continue.

        3. DHS don’t care about pirated songs & watches. It’s soooooo obvious that O’s regime is trying to do a Gestapo on us QUICKLY. They are selective on who they mess with. O will sic the dogs & fire hose on tea party rally in a heart beat. But the Westboro Baptist thugs who hates his guts, are basically ignored by WH. Why? Cause WBC got nothing to lose. See, the Wikileak folks go at it also w/ attitude that they got nothing to lose. There’s no leverage. You’ll also notice that these websites DHS is strong arming are probably ran by regular people who cant afford attorney. How can regular folks fight against such a force? , WBC, Google, YouTube & others got backup in case O put the screws to them.

        • roxannadanna

          I think you’re right but I also think that this is an appeasement attempt by the regime to satisfy part of his base. He has really been a disappointment to the far left: Gitmo is still open, he failed to get universal health care, stuff like that. The far left with the deepest pockets are in the entertainment and music industry and they are the ones who donate the big money to his campaign.
          I could be all wrong about this, too, though.

          But I agree with you that the DHS is on a mission to intimidate us.

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