NK the world’s beligerent teenager

Earlier this month, during a speech to U.S. troops stationed in South Korea, Obama said: “Pyongyang should not be mistaken: The United States will never waver in our commitment to the security of the Republic of Korea. We will not waver.”

If this were true, we would have wiped out the NK navy back in March when they sunk a SK ship. Instead, we did nothing. We wavered in March and we continue to waver in our defense of an ally. This presidents strategy is to ignore the “teenage misbehavings” of a rogue nation. Obama is just not getting it and of course, has yet to raise a teenager so he has no clue.

This is one dangerous teenager.

2 responses to “NK the world’s beligerent teenager

  • roxannadanna

    Great post Ron!

    He is an amateur and I think the real telling moment was early on when he went to Copenhagen and returned with no Olympics. All of a sudden the charm had evaporated.


    Chess and Poker are two intriguing games.
    In Chess, you can see the opponents army.
    In Poker, you cannot.
    In Chess, you have no idea what move the opponent will make next.
    In Poker, you rely on the cards you have in your hand, and the tells the opponent exposes to you while considering the odds that your opponent is bluffing.
    Bluffing also comes into play when playing Chess.
    Diversionary tactics in Chess are instrumental in attempting a victory.

    Our Poker/Chess player is Barack Obama, and his administration.
    The amateur is up against the world.
    He has no bluff.
    His tells have been exposed.

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