Rapiscan CEO with Obama in India

In light of the news that Glenn Beck broke on his show last week regarding the owner of the Rapiscan body scanners (George Soros’ OSI) being used by the TSA, there’s this tidbit to add to it.

The Soros web just keeps getting larger and larger.

4 responses to “Rapiscan CEO with Obama in India

  • roxannadanna

    Boy howdy Jean, he is! And I agree that he is afraid he’s only going to be a 1termer.

    Much to pray for this Thanksgiving and that’s one more thing.

    I hope you and your family is doing really well and hope you have a wonderful holiday!


    Roxy, Vicki has a great post on Huckabee’s response to the groping/body scans.
    After I left the comment to Sam, I visited her site.
    Hmmmm, great minds ?

  • samhenry

    Thanks for the naked truth about all of this. Obama thinks he is above it all. I think he knows he will be a one-term president so he is pulling out all the stops on perks. He’s turned perks into benefits.

    • AFVET

      I agree Sam.
      If the groping/scanners aren’t such a big thing, Obama should take his wife and daughters through it.
      Heh…. never happen.
      Let them eat cake !

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