Quote of the Day – Dick Armey

[…] Mr. Armey has one final piece of advice for the new conservative members he has done so much to elect. “The first rule of conservatism,” he chuckles, “is to accept that if you are true to yourself, Hollywood celebrities will never hug you in public. Ultimately, serving the people and upholding the Constitution will be much more satisfying.”

John Fund/WSJ

2 responses to “Quote of the Day – Dick Armey

  • roxannadanna

    Well Ron, you just made me cry. This is a wonderful post!

    God love you and your family on Thanksgiving and every day!


    Dick Armey is correct.
    We shall see what and who we have elected to office.
    The TEA PARTY MOVEMENT has made a commitment to take this Great Country back to the roots, the Constitution that made US the finest Republic the world has ever seen.
    Europe sees it, and they are striving to get back to fiscal conservative policies that are tried and true.
    History is an excellent teacher, if we would just listen to the lessons.

    God Bless America, and all the Veterans active and retired and deceased.
    Thanksgiving should take on a new meaning this year.
    Ten years after 9/11 we have young men and women serving the country that they love.
    There is no finer example of America than the time and effort they expend to show the love for their country.

    Say a prayer this Thanksgiving for the troops in the desert, in harm’s way, away from family and friends, that will go out tomorrow on another patrol.
    Duty calls !

    Happy Thanksgiving Roxy, may God Bless.

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