NIA President: Beware of Massive Food Inflation – Fox Business Video –

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4 responses to “NIA President: Beware of Massive Food Inflation – Fox Business Video –

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    […] experts are forecasting skyrocketing food prices. [see FOX News video at Diary of a Mad Conservative]  Within the next ten years, we could see corn at $11 an ear. Now consider that corn is in the […]

  • samhenry

    My brother in Iowa rents land to a farmer. He planted corn this year and got top prices for it. We are competing with corn for cars – -and for people around the globe who are hungry!

    Have you seen the cost of turkeys this season? I can’t believe it.

    I just am limited to what I can grow and can. I’ m too old. I will just have to go to a senior center for one meal a day.

  • roxannadanna

    I am doing 2 raised beds this spring. When my son gets here next week, I’ve already told him that I’m hijacking his pickup to bring home the soil and a second bed frame kit. We also plan to plant 2 or 3 fruit trees.

    Now mind you, dear friend, I am no gardener! LOL So this should be a wonderful experiment for us to see how I can do with it.

    I went to the store this week and bought underpants and socks for next year, when we will be in need of them. And I bought cloth diapers for my new grandbaby (coming in the next couple weeks – hurrah!) as well as tshirts big enough for him for next year.

    We also bought a small freezer this week and have shelf units to start food storage. One thing about that is that I can’t store canned goods out there in the summer because it gets too hot. but all the dry stuff and water can be stored just fine.

  • samhenry

    This is truly scary. I’d start a veggie garden but people would then see my house as a target.

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