Beck called it, Media Matters accuses him of being an Anti-Semite

These people are so predictable.

And predictably stupid.

3 responses to “Beck called it, Media Matters accuses him of being an Anti-Semite


    Isolate, ridicule, destroy.
    From Saul Alinsky, rules for Radicals.

    Obama is making a fool of himself in Asia by pontificating to government officials that they have to accept his policies to create a new world order.
    According to Rush today, the Koreans essentially told him to ‘pound sand’.
    The Germans have also said that his efforts are ridiculous.
    China owns most of our debt, and can call it back in anytime they want.
    This country has never been in such a precarious position in our history.
    With Obama in office, it could be a God send.
    Congress holds the purse strings.
    The world is watching us.
    Congress had better make a statement soon.
    Europe is going through birth pangs in the streets, and yet Obama is continuing on the same track that sent France into chaos.

    Barry is exposing himself as the amateur in the realm of professionals, and he should realize that Air Force 1 does not make you the President of the United States.

    Just cause you got a big car don’t make you smart.

    • roxannadanna

      I missed Rush today but can listen to him later.

      You’re right about Obama being the amateur surrounded by professionals. One thing I keep wondering about is didn’t this guy have a clue about this job? Did he think it was going to be easy? He’d just fly around in a big pimped out plane, pontificate and everyone would fall to his feet? From all indications, he is considered a joke by the European heads of state.

      He’s an embarrassment.

      • AFVET

        In answer to your questions, I think he has been duped by the radical progressive operatives that we are infested with.
        He didn’t have the experience to recognize what he was getting into.
        He and Michelle have been planning the takeover for years, and are up against the Patriotic Force of the American People, and the rest of the worlds’ economic community, resisting the obvious intent of the socialistic takeover of the greatest country/government the world has ever produced.

        This guy has two years left to wreak havoc on the country.
        Thank God that we now have enough conservatives in office to bring investigations incessantly against the crooks that are dictating policy.

        Hopefully, we will be like a gnat in their face on a hot, humid, mid-western summer day.

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