Thanks Mayor Bloomberg but I don’t need a parent, I already have 2

I’m so sick of do-gooders who think they have to protect me and don’t think I can make decisions for myself.  Furthermore, I don’t need help parenting my kids.


If I want salt on my food, that’s my choice. If I want to feed my kids a happy meal, that’s my choice. If I want to eat greasy foods, that’s my right.

Up to this point, I’m still in control of my body and eating habits and I’ve been parenting my kids for a lot of years. I know how to do it and if I need help, it won’t be to the government that I turn.

Mayor Bloomberg is testing the waters for a run for president but considering what he’s doing to NYC, I’d say he’d be a dangerous president. Remember this is the guy who told Katie Couric that the Times Square bomber was probably a disgruntled tea party member who was upset about the health care bill.

Is he out of touch or is it just me?

And I don’t have the statistics but I’m betting that tourism is down in NYC and in large part due to his so-called “healthy edicts.” Not to mention the smoking ban over nearly the entire city and the price of cigarettes there. They love the tax dollars from smokers but they want to discourage and educate them to stop. I’d love to know how much money they have lost in tobacco taxes there.

I can’t envision any time I’ll ever be traveling to NYC.

One response to “Thanks Mayor Bloomberg but I don’t need a parent, I already have 2


    The times they are a-changing.
    Poor poor Nancy Pelosi,
    The House fell on her.
    Someone is going to take her ruby slippers, and,
    Her big broom is going away.

    What a shame.

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