This is not spin. He just doesn’t get it or he’s insulting us.

from FoxNews. Obama's election night call to likely next House Speaker, John Bohener.

“Yesterday’s vote confirmed what I’ve heard from folks all across America. People are frustrated, they’re deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery.”

I think most Americans are past the frustration stage and that Obama is spinning this for himself because he can’t convince anyone else of this. The people aren’t frustrated, they’ve just had enough.

Frustration ended months ago after being repeatedly ignored by those who work for us. It ended months ago with his attitude that I wasn’t smart enough to understand this monster bill and then I became the enemy. We tried to tell them they were going too far and they wouldn’t listen. As Krauthammer said today, there never was a real hurry to take over health care. There was no emergency. If we concede that there are some 30 or 45 million people without health insurance (and I would argue that number is actually half to a third of that) there could be ways to address that without throwing the entire system out the window. Instead of paying attention to the lack of jobs and the continuing unemployment, he threw himself into taking over and ruining the best health care in the world.

What he’s done to me and millions of others is raise my insurance premiums by $24 a month and that will never go down again.

This guy just will not believe that his agenda is contrary to everything Americans believe in and want. He’s going to continue to fall back on a lack of communication with the people, he just didn’t do a good enough job explaining this to us. I don’t need to have someone explain to me that my premiums have gone up 8%. All I need to do is read my monthly bank statement.

I don’t need to have him tell me how I feel and why. I’m beyond frustrated. I’m angry. I want to go back to the days when I didn’t see the president 3 times a day, every day and I didn’t think about him everyday: the days when I didn’t worry every morning what the government was going to do to me and my kids next.

I want him and his regulating czars to get out of our lives and leave us alone. They can all go to India and I don’t care if they never come back.

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  • Skalduggery » Whiner-in-Chief

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  • roxannadanna

    I’m really excited about Ohio and Michigan. Wish I could feel that good about Nevada (my adopted state) but we did get Sandoval as governor – he ran against Rory I-don’t-use-my-last-name Reid and beat the snot out of him. So I’m excited about that.


    I agree with you.
    The delusional man child is not going to give up.

    Ohio conservatives are doing the Snoopy dance for the time being.
    We got the governorship, the SOS, both sides of congress, the AG, our Supreme Court, and we’re looking forward to redistricting.
    Life is good,…for now.
    Ohio’s ‘hope and change’ is coming, however, we will keep our fingers crossed.

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