Harry’s still standing. I guess I can’t have everything.

You know, honestly when I realized that Chuck Schumer would likely be the next Majority Leader, it hurt less to see that Harry would still be in the Senate.  And at first, I was disappointed about losing in the Senate until I was educated that it would be better for Conservatives in ’12 if we didn’t have both houses right now. And Pelosi is out!

Half a loaf is better than none.

I was very happy with a lot of the wins. Kirk in Ill, for one, was a great win! Toomey in PA, Marco Rubio and in Ohio, John Kasich for governor are great wins, too.

Of course, CA is a lost cause. A state that keeps Boxer, Waxman and elects Jerry Brown AGAIN, is past hope. Leave those people to their own destruction. If they really believe that Jerry Brown will save them, even a little bit, they are delusional.  CA politics matter a lot to me because those folks leave in waves for Nevada and Arizona and when they do, they change the demographics of the state. Since 1989 when I first moved to Nevada,  it’s become more blue and more democrat leaning due strictly to the CA exodus.  I see that same thing in the southern part of AZ, too.

As for my state: All the ballot initiatives that I voted for, except for legalizing medical marijuana, passed. We will not have card check. We voted against the national health care and won. And affirmative action went down. The marijuana issue was a minor point for me compared to the other ballot questions so I’m not real disappointed.

Governor Brewer won handily. My Congressman, Trent Franks was re-elected just as easily. Both wins are good news. McCain is still standing, which is better than having his democrat opponent in place.

Rasmussen Reports today:

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of these voters say the average Democrat in Congress is more liberal than they are. Only 10% say that member of Congress is more conservative, while 27% see his or her views as about the same as theirs.

Fifty-five percent (55%) say it’s more accurate to describe the political views of most Democrats in Congress as extreme rather than mainstream.

Congress has to make the effort to repeal health care and hold back any more ridiculous spending.

And now we go to work firing Obama in ’12. I’m very optimistic about the next 2 years.



7 responses to “Harry’s still standing. I guess I can’t have everything.

  • steve

    Holy moly Roxy! And I thought I got some off the wall comments! One guy today said “you suck” to me on one of my posts! I just said something like “I’m trying to quit” … Gawd I love it when the left gets their panties in a wad!
    I love your answer to the “lady”. You’re doing a good job “comforting the feeble minded”.
    Keep up the good fight little lady!

    • roxannadanna

      LOL she was appallingly rude, wasn’t she? calling me demonic? what a joke.
      Funny thing is she then tried to post again on my “about this blog” page and I tagged her as spam and that was the end of her.
      Like you Steve, I post people who have opposing fews from mine, as long as they are sensible, reasonable and aren’t rude. She came out with both barrels blasting and that don’t fly with me. 😉
      But I love your “I’m trying to quit” answer – that was great!

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  • Nancy b.

    I am a liberal and am a Christian I have a bleeding heart.
    The funny thing is is I see you in the same frame that you see me. I see you as ignorant and dangerous. I see that you have no love of Christ in your heart and think that you are led by a demonic deception….So how will we learn to get along as brothers and sisters? which is everyone.
    Divided with hate ruling your heart – you will be the fallen. I am sorry for you. You know better.

    • roxannadanna

      yes lady, you are right. I see you exactly as you see me: intolerant, hateful and ignorant.

      This is obviously a conservative blog where you have no business or no need to be.

      I’m sorry for you, too. Repent, read your Bible and learn kindness. And do not expect to ever post here again.

      Have a nice day.


    I find it hard to believe California voted these monsters back into office.
    Must be the dope.
    As far as Harry ‘the man’ Reid, That was just the unions, IMO.
    In the next two years, I think they will be relegated to the dust bin of history.
    Gridlock is coming, and it will do two things.
    1. Stop the progressive herd mentality that we endured, and,
    2. Eliminate Obama’s rule over the congress.

    Common Sense reared it’s head last night, and was successful to a degree.
    We will take this country back one step at a time.
    Conservatism will take hold when the zombies are defeated.

    • roxannadanna

      Absolutely Ron!

      Did you see that they re-elected that Pete “piss on your leg” Stark guy in CA, too?

      Those people are just unbelievable. But at least Fl got rid of Grayson. that’s the best thing of the night – almost. lol

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