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…Nevada continues to have the nation’s highest unemployment rate, and Nevada not only ranks last among the 50 states in federal tax dollars returned per capita, but last in “stimulus” funding as well. And let’s not forget that although Sen. Reid claimed to have single-handedly rescued the world from an economic depression, he blames Nevada’s woes on former President Bush and Republicans.

So our job-creating, world-saving, pork-scoring senator can’t create jobs, lift Nevadans’ standard of living or bring home the bacon, after all?

Editorial/LV R-J

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  • The Skald

    I am in terminally blue Oregon… hell, they even have a blog by that name. I sometimes wonder how an ideology can trump reality so easily – it is often astonishing for us outside the urban density planning boundaries to even comprehend the reasoning/thought processes the “progressives” of our state use to justify their “land use” laws! In all their supposed “heart felt desire” to create “affordable housing,” they’ve got to be deliberately NOT seeing the link between restrictive land use laws and the high property prices.

    Like most progressives, they blame the high cost of housing on developers rather than their own urban-growth boundaries. Not being able to recognize that the price of housing is directly proportional to land prices must be the height of stupidity!

    Or perhaps, they’ve designed these laws to keep people not like themselves out of the area and have built in a convenient scapegoat? And education? Sheesh, don’t get me started… I won’t be able to quit my rant and you won’t let me comment anymore 😀

    • roxannadanna

      Banning your comments? NEVER!

      Isn’t Oregon the state that raised taxes on beer, to something really ridiculous? I know you couldn’t pump your own gas – is it still the case there? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

      Are you near the coast because I’ll be jealous if you are?

      • The Skald

        Nope, can’t pump our own gas – gotta make sure those jobs are open. Of course, since it’s pretty much considered a government handout (by both the purchasers of gas and the people pumping the gas) that one often runs across surly gas jockeys.

        I’m about 45 minutes from the coast 😀 it is beeyooootiful!! Definitely a progressive state *sigh* Amazingly insular politics.


    Ohio used to be in the middle of the pack of the 50 states, as far as the tax burden we were harnessed with.
    We are now in the middle of the top ten.
    This was due to democratic promises and lethargic voters.
    This year, we have a chance to fix the problem.
    Under Stricklands’ administration Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs in 4 years due to onerous tax policies on businesses. Hence, the companies booked, and Strickland just raised our taxes to fuel the state economy.

    Our property taxes fund the schools, which is un constitutional according to the Ohio Constitution.
    Since the 1930’s every Ohio governor has VOWED to fix that, and yet it is still there.
    The public school system in our state is rampant with corruption.
    Every quarter, they come back for more money, and the drones vote for it.

    Maybe Kasick can fix it. We will see.

    • roxannadanna

      You’re in Ohio? Well, you’ve just seen your share of TheOne for a lifetime, I’d guess. LOL

      Education and schools should be LOCAL, not run from DC. There should be no Dept of Ed. And it sounds like the situation in Ohio is a good example of why this government agency should be abolished. And I’d bet it is the cause of a lot of your problems in Ohio.

      There is a lot I don’t know about the founders or what their plans were for this country, but one thing I firmly believe is that they NEVER intended for there to be a Dept of Education.

      I hope Kasick does a better job for you, too.

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