Daily Archives: November 2, 2010

Quote of the day – Las Vegas Review-Journal

…Nevada continues to have the nation’s highest unemployment rate, and Nevada not only ranks last among the 50 states in federal tax dollars returned per capita, but last in “stimulus” funding as well. And let’s not forget that although Sen. Reid claimed to have single-handedly rescued the world from an economic depression, he blames Nevada’s woes on former President Bush and Republicans.

So our job-creating, world-saving, pork-scoring senator can’t create jobs, lift Nevadans’ standard of living or bring home the bacon, after all?

Editorial/LV R-J

The day of reckoning, some memories and CELEBRATION!

I remember how I felt 2 years ago on election day and the days after. It was horrible. I felt like the walking dead for days after. But thanks to the TEA party, like minded bloggers and talk radio, I came out of it and found reasons to feel optimistic, with something to look forward to in ’10.

Now the day is here and I feel like this will be the most important vote I’ve ever cast. I won’t be voting until late in the day because I want to vote with my daughter after her work. This will be the 4th time we’ve voted together.

I remember the first time she and I voted together. She was 4 and it was 1984 – back in the days when I was a misguided democrat. I regret that at the time, I didn’t realize what a great man Ronald Regan was and that it took me this many years to figure it out.

Yesterday, my son and I had a long conversation (in text messages) about his vote that will be cast in Las Vegas and how important this election will be to him.

My kids take seriously their responsibility to vote. I’m thankful for that.

Tonight, we celebrate and tomorrow we get to work on ’12 and making this man a one term president!

One more reason to boycott ABC – blacklisting Breitbart

From pressure by the left to silence diverse voices, ABC is apparently caving in to the likes of Media Matters and the Huffington Post.

I was personally surprised when I read that Breitbart and Dana Loesch would be part of the election coverage on ABC. Why on earth would anyone want to lend credibilty to the likes of George Stephanopolus? (I probably misspelled his name, but guess what – I don’t care.)

My thinking is that the 3 networks should remain leftist. It gives America a choice – propaganda  and lies or fairly balanced news on Fox. Their ratings keep falling and they will never catch up with cable news (make that Fox) so they will eventually die off. All that will be left of network tv will be insipid sit-coms.

I say leave them to their own demise.

But I’m still going to try and annoy them daily with my morning boycott email.