My wish list for tomorrow and after

Keep in mind these are wishes and not necessarily reality and not in any particular order:

1) I want to take both houses.

2) I want gridlock. The less they can do, the better for us all.

3) I want a continuation of the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

4) I want a repeal of the health care bill.

5) Okay, I will be realistic here:  I want to make sure it’s not funded.

6) I want NPR, PBS and the NEA (the arts) defunded.

7) I want a dismantling of the Department of Education.

8)  I want a fair or flat tax.

9) I want a law that limits presidential appointments, aka czars.

(Okay, so maybe I don’t want total gridlock.)

10) I want real, honest to God troops on the border.

11) I want us out of the UN.

12) I want only live, non-felon, American citizens voting.

13) I want no more disfranchisement of our soldiers EVER AGAIN FOR ANY ELECTION.

14) I don’t want to have to push 1 for English, any more.

15) I want a marshmallow sundae with whipped cream and nuts, at least once a month, ’cause there’s no place in this town where I can get one!

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