Behar: Palin is “so dumb”

there are hundreds of these on Youtube:

Have we not had enough of this hate speech from the left? They get by with this over and over and over again and no one calls them on it. But let a conservative say some of these things and we’d be crucified.

Speaking for myself, I’ve HAD ENOUGH! We have got to call them out on this!

9 responses to “Behar: Palin is “so dumb”


    Yes, they are bullies, and mature intelligent adults see them as just that.
    People that watch their rhetoric will eventually see them denigrated to a cartoon, if they haven’t achieved that level by now.
    They are becoming a clown show,..I’m waiting to see the clown car.
    The circus that exists in the left wing media will become more and more interesting in the next year.

    Stupidity is a burden best relieved by knowledge.

    • roxannadanna

      Ya but Ron, the problem is that so many on the left already think they know everything and the rest of us are stupid. They aren’t willing to learn anything that doesn’t fit in their little view of things.

      It’s the kids we need to get to. They are being so brainwashed!!! I’m about to have a grandbaby and what I really wish is that he and his family could stay here near me so that I could home school him.
      Public schools are a failure! And I say that knowing that my daughter (his mom) is a 2nd grade teacher and fabulous at her job – she is a minority in our public schools.

  • The Skald

    I get both the hesitation to boycott, and the desire to boycott Hollywood! I love rambling off topic sometimes… to often in fact. I’ve sent an email to you about the site

    It’s Bill Whittle’s attempt to bring back the mythology/ethos of a country that actually likes itself! Hope you visit DE and enjoy what’s there 🙂

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  • The Skald

    Although this kind of behavior (and the failure to be called on it by their own) really chaps my ass, in most ways it just doesn’t matter… if there are people like you calling them on their rank hypocrisy. I like the idea of a boycott, it rings right!


    • roxannadanna

      Listening to Sean Hannity today and one of his guests was S.E. Cupp. She put this in a perspective that I had not really considered: These are nothing more than adult bullies.

      They have bullied Palin, O’Donnell, Angle, et al to the point that it’s becoming predictable. And the only way to stop bullys is to stand up to them. 9 times out of 10 they back off because they are astounded anyone would go face to face with them. Look at what Kathy Gifford and Jeanine Garafalo have said and done.

      I don’t like boycotts but they have been using that against us for months (see Beck) and the only way people pay attention is by affecting the financial bottom line.

      But boycotts usually hurt innocent people and not the ones who really need to be brought to attention. For instance, I have been on a 2 year movie boycott: I won’t pay to see another movie by another Hollywood traitor. Who’s really hurt the worst? Theater owners and those who work there. I feel bad about that but I feel worse paying to see Danny Glover or Sean Penn or Matt Damon. And until Americans stop glorifying these celebrities, we will rarely again see decent movies in this country. (Clint Eastwood is a notable exception as is Jon Voight.)

      Okay… I’m off topic and rambling on. 😉

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