Infidelities Soar in Bad Economy – Fox Business Video – UPDATED

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After you watch this video, then please go read this.

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4 responses to “ Infidelities Soar in Bad Economy – Fox Business Video – UPDATED

  • serialphilanderer

    Not a reflection of my nature I might add – just appropriate to the subject in question!

    • roxannadanna

      I’ll make a goofy admission here: I was once part of a dating site. No, not for myself but for a friend who was suffering from a major heartbreak. I checked out a site for him to start over and maybe find someone who could fill his life and give him something/someone new and different to think about. It did work a little bit for him, he did date a couple of the women he met there. But nothing that became long term. That happened for him later on.
      But anyway…
      After reading your post on your blog, I saw several similarities between that site and the way you say that A-M is run. A lot of things I never realized until I read your blog.
      Thanks for posting and keep up the good work!

  • serialphilanderer

    Ashley Madison’s business is soaring because a gullible media keeps giving them airtime without properly researching the company. A quick Google search will reveal that ‘Ashley Madison Scam’ is a more popular term than ‘Ashley Madison’. Why do no journalists ever ask Noel Biderman about this? Ashley Madison use every sharp online dating practice in the book to extract cash from their stupid male members (1,000’s of fake female profiles, automatic re-billing, fake messages, lies about male/female ratios which are actually worse than 10:1 etc.). Their operation is only one step removed from a Nigerian online money con and yet they’re given credibility on mainstream news channels like Fox. Wake up!!

    • roxannadanna

      Thank you for waking me up! LOL

      Great post and thank you for the information. Hope you’ll come back and read here again.

      Interesting name you have there, Sir.

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