Is this the October Surprise? Harry, I think you are sunk!

Don’t tell me that the Majority Leader of the United States Senate had no idea about this story.

One of his staffers is investigated by the FBI and Reid was not appraised of this situation?

yea and I’m a Chinese astronaut, too.

4 responses to “Is this the October Surprise? Harry, I think you are sunk!

  • roxannadanna

    LOL I just saw this too and heard it on Rush! Great minds and all that huh?

    And now they are blaming old folks who don’t know how to vote? This is such crap!

    • AFVET

      For the last couple of cycles I have voted absentee.
      Computers can be manipulated.
      The desperation on the left is obvious.
      Even Obama is denigrating the republicans as ‘the enemy’.
      I have never heard that from a sitting president.
      He is not presidential.
      He is a vindictive, hateful individual that has achieved his position as a result of the Chicago Machine that manipulated the ignorant people of this country to elect him, and his Czars while coercing the media to to propagandize his agenda.

      If we don’t kick the butt of the present administration and the congress this election cycle, we are in deep trouble.
      If we do, the next two years are going to be brutal for anybody in congress that tries to oppose the messiah.

      They never give up.
      Re: Sarah Palin.
      This movement has to be destroyed for now, and our young people need to be educated to the point of being able to discern and identify this process in the future.

      The potential of the elimination of American’s freedoms should make anybody with the knowledge to recognize it extremely cautious.

      The voting base is filled with drones, and people that have never studied history to any extent.

      The President of the United States does not “punish Americans ” for not aligning themselves with his policies.

      The Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is being sued ?
      Why only him ???
      Remember the last state of the union address ?

      Disgusting !

      • roxannadanna

        Amen! You’re right on all counts! He’s never been presidential. I ask anyone, who’s running the country while he’s campaigning? Does he even know how to find the Oval Office? Campaigning is the only thing he knows how to do and he does it as ugly and as gutter-like as anyone possibly could.

        I’ve never been so angry at government and politicians in my life. And you and I aren’t alone in those feelings. If they aren’t careful, They are going to push and push until something really explodes in this country.


    Roxy !
    Watch who you vote for out there.
    See Drudge report.
    Just heard the same story on Rush.
    Voter fraud,…nah, never happen,… right ?
    Check your ballot !

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