If this doesn’t just knock your socks off, nothing will!

From Ken Blackwell/The American Spectator:

Here’s the best proof that politics, not principle, is guiding the actions of the Obama administration: Nidal Hasan’s arraignment has been held over for three weeks at Fort Hood — until after the midterm elections.

Why does this matter? Because he is being charged with thirteen deaths, not fourteen. One of Nidal Hasan’s victims was pregnant. The Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA) applies wherever the federal government has primary jurisdiction — from the District of Columbia, to national parks, to military installations. It applies to our bases in Afghanistan and to our units and planes operating there. It applies to Fort Hood.

Ft. Hood mass murder

The law is called the Lacy and Conner Peterson Act, even though it would not have applied in the case of that young mother and her unborn son. Their murder was a state criminal matter for California.

The UVVA is also a part of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). So why isn’t Nidal Hasan being charged with the death of an unborn child, too?

Might it be because the Obama administration chooses not to raise this issue in the critical weeks leading up to midterm elections? Could it be because it does not want to further antagonize its liberal base?

Now, remind us, Mr. President: Exactly who is it who behaves irrationally when he is afraid? I think it’s not the American people. Sadly, I think it’s our current leadership.

2 responses to “If this doesn’t just knock your socks off, nothing will!


    No doubt about it, the lame duck congress is going to be very dangerous to this country.
    These people will stop at nothing to impose their will on America.
    Get ready for election night.
    They are so close to tipping this country into socialism they can taste it.
    We the People are going to teach them that they can’t succeed in wrecking US.
    Obama is determined to accomplish his agenda.
    Last ditch efforts on his part to re-elect socialists hopefully will fail.

    The line in the sand has been drawn by the Tea Party Movement.
    Only time will tell us whether we were successful.

    • roxannadanna

      I just hope that when it’s all said and done, the movement doesn’t lose it’s commitment because 4 more years of this man will mean the destruction of our nation.

      God bless America

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