Harry Reid saved the World! This is not just funny. It’s deeper than that.

The first thing I thought when I saw this last night on Drudge was: Is this guy finally succumbing to dementia?

And then I laughed at him.

But the deeper message that has been bugging me all day is the shear arrogance of this statement.

HE saved the world?

He saved the WORLD?

So, we have all been suffering so much that we never noticed and he is so humble that he never brought to our attention how much of a debt we owe him.

And he wants Nevada to send him back so he can save us some more.

In all our suffering we can’t think clearly (according to Obama) and we need him and Reid to lead us through the fog of our confusion and our inability to assemble a sensible or intelligent thought. We just can’t do that without the Democrats/Marxists to lead us.

Quite frankly, we aren’t smart enough. Or we are just in need of a psychiatrist, like Juan Williams is.

Which is it? Are we all just too stupid to understand current events or are we just crazy extremists who are in need of some sort of national intervention to save us and force us to see the light?

Reid saved the world and Gore invented the internet and the oceans have stopped rising thanks to divine intervention from the messiah Obama. The message is that we can not get along or even survive without these people.

Yes, we do owe a debt but it’s not a debt of appreciation. It’s a debt in the trillions dollars that we will be paying off for generations.  And these people are so arrogant and so delusional that they actually do believe we owe them a prayer of thanks.


So I ask you, who really needs psychiatric help?


editors note: I just need an editor to catch my typos and misspellings.

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