Condi meets with Obama – interesting theories

from Yahoonews via Drudge.

You have to wonder about this meeting at this particular time. Could he be considering the need for a new Secretary of State sometime in the future? And if so, why? Is he thinking of dumping Joe for Hillary in ’12? Would Hillary even consider that position? Personally, I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean that TheOne isn’t going to try and charm her into the VP slot. And he’s vain enough to believe he can do it.

By the same token, it’s hard for me to imagine Condi supporting such a leftist administration.

It’s probably nothing more than a meet-n-greet, polite exercise but it does make for some imaginative and fun speculation.

6 responses to “Condi meets with Obama – interesting theories

  • steve

    Hey Roxy! I couldn’t agree with you more. I think this shows more of Condi’s true colors.
    I just had to stop by and say hello, and say I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. Just trying to do some adjusting here on my end in Texas.

    • roxannadanna

      Hi backatcha! I’ve been dealing with crap of my own here – family member(S) in the hospital and out and then back in again. SHEEESH! I hope things are going well with you, even while you are dealing with your own issues.

      Hope to get around to your blog, Sam Henry’s and VFS later this weekend. I’ve been absent from reading much stuff and miss it!

  • roxannadanna

    Oh, I agree with you, Mr.Vet. I don’t think she would ever lower her standards to work for a liberal/marxist/leftist regime. But I do think he’s very capable of believing he could win her over. This guy is sooo arrogant and self absorbed that I think he believes he could do it.


    It would really surprise me if Condi Rice would ever adhere herself to a socialistic administration.
    Maybe Obama in his desperate attempt to regain a positive public opinion, is using Condi Rice to elevate his stature among the American People.
    If Rice accepts ANY position in this administration, it would denigrate any opinion most Americans have of her.
    She is the essence of an educated, intelligent woman that stated that she wanted out of the lime lite.
    Maybe Barry is dissatisfied with his current SOS.

    As far as Barry charming her into the VP slot, she can see through him like a window.
    I don’t see that at all.
    But,….one never knows do we ??

    • ClassicFilm

      Ditto to that, AFVET. It’s doubtful that she could ever be wooed by Pres. Clueless.

      Condi is a class act (would never be disrespectful of Obama, even though their ideologies are miles apart) and very conservative. And she’s expressed in the past that she has no interest in being a politician.

      I think this is a weird Team Obama stunt to make voters BELIEVE that Obama is becoming more conservative. November 2 is a scary day for the Democrats and they’ll resort to anything to not be decimated as all polls are showing they will be.

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