Bloggers Block. I now know the meaning.

I know there was a time in my life when I could never recite the candidates for Senate in Delaware or for congress in Alaska.  I never understood how important a political race in Florida was to me, living out in Nevada or Arizona. In fact, I never thought it was all that important. I believed that the “red scare” was over with McCarthy and that I’d never see a battle to save the Constitution from a small elitist and leftist minority.  Like a majority of Americans, I’ve always believed in God but I never thought I would see a day, in America, where a mortal man would be revered and worshiped as the second coming.

I’ve always been busy raising kids and working to notice that my country was slipping away. Now we are on the cliff and about to lose it all. I know I’m no different than millions of other Americans. Most of us were not paying attention. We took for granted that the Constitution was always going to be there to protect us and that most politicians – I said MOST – believed that their service to America and to their constituents was almost a sacred calling.

But how things have changed.

I believe that, in the words of Mark Levin, this is the most important election of my life. I believed that the ’08 election was and we lost. In losing that election, we stepped to the edge of the cliff. I’m afraid that we will lose this time around and I’m not sure that we won’t finally go off that cliff. I’m disheartened that 20% of Americans consider themselves liberal: that nearly 2/3 believe America “is on the wrong track.” A majority don’t believe that their children will have an America as good as they’ve had, let alone a better America.

We are now racially and economically polarized. We can thank the president for that. From “cops acted stupidly” to the dismissal of the New Black Panther case, he has shown America on which side of the race issue he sits. Funny that he’s half white, and no one seems to want to acknowledge that, including Obama himself.  He demonizes business and insurance companies. Bankers and Wall Street are the havens of “fat cats.” If you make $251,000, you are rich and you are vilified.

Too many races are “too close to call.” Too close to call means that there are legions of lawyers waiting for contested races and when those go to court, liberals win. One need only look to Al Franken . . . If a race is separated by a couple of percentage points, it will be contested by the left. There will be no justice because the courts are packed against the Constitution and against the majority of Americans. Voter fraud seems to be taking place all over this nation. If you can’t trust the ballot and the ballot takers, who can you trust? I was going to vote early, but now I’m afraid that my vote may not be counted, at all.

I’m discouraged and disheartened. I’m afraid that on November 3rd, our nation, as we’ve known it,  will be dying.

I can’t blog and I think I finally know what writers block means.

Okay wait. . . this was a blog.


5 responses to “Bloggers Block. I now know the meaning.

  • ClassicFilm

    Do not let your heart be troubled, dear Roxy. I’ve got tons of faith and confidence in the wisdom of the majority of American people that I will gladly share with you.

    I identify with your previous knowledge of politics. Never did I dream that I’d know who in the heck Lisa Murkowski is – and gosh, I can also spell her surname correctly. Never did I dream that the “gossip” around the family dinner table would be Harry Reid’s latest gaffe, or Obama’s latest idiocy, or Nancy Pelosi’s latest witchy fingers squeezing the life out of another American freedom. Never did I dream that I would contribute more money to political campaigns across the nation than I had ever contributed before. All years combined.

    Universal Truths:
    All bloggers started off as non-bloggers.
    Many are smarter now than they were then.
    Knowledge is power.
    November 2 will be a day of reckoning.

    God bless America and her patriots.

    • roxannadanna

      You are absolutely right, as is Mr.Vet. Americans are just too smart to be snookered again.

      And your posts have made me feel lots better.


    Never give up on Americans.
    This country was founded on an experiment.
    The Founders took a great risk to get this country going, and 200 years later, we’re doing just fine.

    A woman asked Benjamin Franklin on the street after he came out of the final meeting after the agreement on the Constitution, what have you given us ?
    Franklin told her that we have given you a Republic if you can keep it.

    Yes, we will keep it !

    • roxannadanna

      You’re the voice of levelness (is that a word? lol) and sanity. “Too close to call” is beginning to get on my last nerve, though. I want a bloodbath with no question about who won. But I’m not any different than any one else. It’s what we all want. Then there will be no question about who spoke and why!

      • AFVET

        If there is no bloodbath, so be it.
        One step at a time is how we learned to walk.
        I will be curious to see how the progressives try to skew the upcoming election.
        The desperation they are exposing is IMO amusing.
        However, never underestimate the enemy, especially when they have control of the MSM.

        If the conservatives win the congress, we will have made an inroad into the incessant assault on the principles that built America into what she is today.

        Obama, Pelosi,and Reid have poked a tiger.

        The Tea Party movement is the breath of fresh air that this country has needed for a long time.

        Keep the faith Roxy, one step at a time.

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