Why they really want Rove, et al to disclose his donors

With the big noise that Obama’s making about so-called foreign donors to Republican action groups, it’s become clear that the Dems have their own motives for wanting to know who’s donating to these campaigns:

Democrats claim only to favor “disclosure” of donors, but their legal intimidation attempts are the best argument against disclosure. Liberals want the names of business donors made public so they can become targets of vilification with the goal of intimidating them into silence. A CEO or corporate board is likely to think twice about contributing to a campaign fund if the IRS or prosecutors might come calling. If Democrats can reduce business donations in the next three weeks, they can limit the number of GOP challengers with a chance to win and reduce Democratic Congressional losses.

The strategy got a test drive in Minnesota earlier this year after Target Corporation donated $100,000 cash and $50,000 of in-kind contributions to an independent group that ran ads supporting the primary candidacy of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. MoveOn.org accused the company of being anti-gay, organized a petition, and crafted a TV ad urging shoppers to boycott Target stores. Target made no further donations, and other companies that once showed an interest have since declined to contribute.

From the Wall Street Journal

This is despicable behavior by the left and causes a chilling effect on First Amendment rights. How do these people justify their actions or even look at themselves in the mirror?

3 responses to “Why they really want Rove, et al to disclose his donors


    Roxy, vampires can’t see their reflection in a mirror.

    • roxannadanna

      You’re so right!

      I heard Axelrod say that this could all be cleared up if the Chamber of Commerce and the organizations that Karl Rove is running would just release their donor list. Why didn’t some reporter challenge him by suggesting that the list would do nothing but provide the left with a list of businesses to boycott?

      Everyone knows that is the reason they want this list. They just want to punish business with no regard to the EMPLOYEES that will be harmed, too. Some of those employees are likely to be union members. But they don’t care who gets harmed.

      They are blood suckers!


    To quote Reverend Wright, “the chickens have come home to roost”.
    Yes they have, they are Americans.
    In Philadelphia, someone threw a book at Obama during his speech.
    Maybe that’s an indication of the future of the corruptness we all see in this administration.

    After this regime has been defeated, we should never bury the book.
    The American People deserve to know the truth.
    Throw the book at them again and again until they realize the mistake they made to try to coerce this country into a socialistic third world democracy.

    The arrogance that has driven them to dismiss the American public’s opinion on congressional bills will be their defeat.

    We the People see them for what they are.

    Hope and Change takes on a new meaning now, doesn’t it ?

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