ObamaMania: the fainting montage

Ya gotta wonder if, during the campaign these were audience plants:


5 responses to “ObamaMania: the fainting montage

  • samhenry

    I call Obama outrageous. Why can’t people see that if a man running for the Presidency can go to Facebook offices to get info on how to run a site that tracks information about supporters, that his brand of control will not extend elsewhere?

    I would not put staging anything past him. He is dishonest and manipulative to the core.

  • arlenearmy

    Obama has conned us all. Madoff ain’t got nothing this dude.

    I truly fear that we’re gonna have hard time putting him out of our WH.

    • Dena

      I agree, Arlene. And the thing that worries me a lot about getting them to physically leave is what happened when “W” was elected. Remember the polite stories concerning the vandalism in the WH before the Clinton people left?

  • criscocorner

    He was not progressive enough. Trying to be centrist does not help you in the long run. And it will cost him a ton of seats in Congress.

    It is the same thing with conservatism. RINOS find themselves booted out of office because they do not follow with movement conservatism.

    • roxannadanna

      Recent history has proven that when Republicans return to conservatism, they win. You need to only look to Reagan’s landslide and the 1994 Republican takeover. Less than 20% of Americans identify as liberal. That leaves a majority who are either center-right or conservative.

      And if you call Obama a centrist then, I’m a Chinese astronaut. I’ve seen nothing in his politics that support him “trying to be centrist.” His ideology is so red that it’s scared most Americans – me included.

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