Why Obama’s new strategy – class warfare – won’t work

The reason it won’t work is because we aren’t Europe, as much as Obama would like to make us like that.

Europe has a history of serdom and aristocracy.

Americans threw that off with the Revolutionary War. We are a nation where hard work, ambition and determination can and does result in dreams being accomplished.  An individual does not have to be born with a trust fund to secure a successful and happy life.  In America, all opportunities are available to us, if we are prepared to expend the energy and the personal responsibility to see it through.

We have never been a nation that resents success or punishes those who attain it. Americans have always celebrated and honored those who followed their dreams and accomplished them.

Europeans have risen from farming a lords land, with no personal property and no personal freedoms. Americans have never been peasants or serfs to any man or government.  And we aren’t about to start now.

Europeans have no contract with their governments, nothing that guarantees freedom. We do and it’s called the Constitution.

On this day celebrating the Constitution, let’s all remember we are and always have been a FREE people and we owe all those who came before us for that. It’s our charge today and every day, to make sure that freedom remains secure for our children and theirs.

One response to “Why Obama’s new strategy – class warfare – won’t work


    We the People are on to them, however, given their attitude toward US, they will continue to push their agenda until they cannot do it any longer.
    As long as they dismiss US, we will become stronger.
    The Tea Party movement is an excellent example of the power this country has to reject tyranny.
    The only tool they have to defend against the opposition to their socialistic tactics is propaganda and the attempted domination of the media.

    The Awakening of America is in process, and will continue as long as We the People keep our eye on the goal of the principles of the Constitution.

    The time is now for a fresh start.
    If we blow it, shame on US.

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