Mama Obama, mothering us all


[A]s America’s restaurant owners, you’re responsible for one-third of the calories our kids get on a daily basis. From the speech today by Michelle Obama to the National Restaurant Association.

Where did this statistic come from, Mrs. Obama?

I find it hard to believe that our children are eating out 1 meal a day, every day.

Unless you count school lunches, which have nothing to do with the NRA, this is factually incorrect. As a family, we never ate 1 meal a day in a restaurant or at a fast food place. When my children were growing up, we probably didn’t eat more than 1 meal a week at an establishment like McDonalds and definitely not at an Applebees.

I found it quite appalling that she speaks to us of nutrition and portion sizes (which I’m sure if they get smaller, the price will, too – NOT) and changing our eating habits when this is the family who flies their chef with them to Marthas Vineyard and who just returned from an extravagant dining adventure in Spain.

So Mrs. Obama let me say this: I’m not ever going to like you but I might dislike you less if you’d stay out of my business and take better care of your own.

Thank you and good night.

Her entire speech is here.


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