Am I the only person who is sick of this?

How many more times do I need to see and hear about Geraldo Rivera’s anniversary? How many more days will this go on?

Gimme a break already!

Anniversaries usually are a one day/year event, at least in the world I live in.

3 responses to “Am I the only person who is sick of this?


    Arlene, you are right on about Geraldo.
    I hate that guy. Our cat is being trained to hit the remote button when he comes on the screen.
    Talk about the resilient journalist through years of administration changes, you have to give him credit for hanging in there,…and aligning himself with FOX NEWS.
    Can’t fault him on an ability to see the future, and the ability to align himself with a ‘Fair and Balanced’ news media company.

    Good to see you back out here Arlene.
    Take care and may God Bless you and your family.

  • roxannadanna

    lmao!!! amen.

    Man it’s great to see you again, Arlene! How you been?

  • arlenearmy

    Geraldo clinging on 2 the past when he was young

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