Vanity Fair article rips into Palin

If you’ve not read this article, then don’t waste your time doing so. I’ve read it and it’s simply the worst excuse for journalism – oh wait, we’ve already seen some of the worst excuses. In short then, it’s nothing more than a hatchet job. It is character assassination to the highest degree.

I kept looking for named sources to back up their statements and found only one – only one in the entire article.

With few exceptions—mostly Palin antagonists in journalism and politics whose beefs with her have long been out in the open—virtually no one who knows Palin well is willing to talk about her on the record, whether because they are loyal and want to protect her (a small and shrinking number), or because they expect her prominence to grow and intend to keep their options open, or because they fear she will exact revenge, as she has been known to do. It is an astonishing phenomenon. Colleagues and acquaintances by the hundreds went on the record to reveal what they knew, for good or ill, about prospective national candidates as diverse as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Al Gore, and Barack Obama. When it comes to Palin, people button their lips and slink away.

You know, I beg to differ with the “journalists” on this story, but no one has come forward “to reveal what they knew, for good or ill” about Obama. There has never been a presidential candidate whose past has been so closeted, whose life has been so non-existent as Barack Obama.

There are anecdotal stories of bellhops and waitresses who claimed that Palin and her entourage stiffed them. Who are these guys? There is only one person from Wasilla (Colleen Cottle) who went on the record, by name to slam Sarah. All other statements were from unnamed Wasilla citizens who supposedly feared retribution from the Palins. One Palin hometown bartender told the reporter when he was inquiring about the Palins, “Good luck – I like my job.”

Again, unnamed “friends” tell stories of the Palins throwing canned goods at each other in fits of rage until the refrigerator looked like it had been shot up, swearing at each other and not sharing the same bed. Supposedly Todd said he had “no idea how Sarah ever got pregnant.”

There are Wasilla “residents” who say that Sarah has never hunted or fished. That she jumped out of the car one day to have her picture taken with a dead deer or moose. When Greta Van Susteren showed up at the Palins, Todd reportedly, called all over town for moose meat so that Sarah could make her Fox guest moose chili.

All of this is unsubstantiated allegations by unnamed sources.

Does anyone seriously believe this happened:

Visitors to her house witnessed her in core meltdown. To one of her children, she cried, “We weren’t good enough for America. We’ll never be good enough for America.”

The one thing in the whole article that I could identify with and might believe there is some truth to is the following passage:

Sometimes when she went out in public, people were unkind. Once, while shopping at Target, a man saw Palin and hollered, “Oh my God! It’s Tina Fey! I love Tina Fey!” When other shoppers started laughing, the governor parked her cart, walked out of the store, and drove away.

No one in the public arena, in this nation has ever been roasted, toasted and trashed like Sarah Palin. Until Sarah Palin, I never believed that Americans could be so unkind or so cruel. The attacks on this woman and her family have been heartless and brutal, regardless of whether you like her or not.

No one deserves the abuse she has endured and it makes everyone who has done her so unkindly, a much lesser person.


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