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Quote of the day – Ann Coulter on the religion of the liberals

Former divinity student Al Gore famously botched a biblical verse, switching God’s instruction that we put heaven before earthly things (“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” Matthew 6:21) by saying we should make the Earth our treasure. (In the druidical religion of liberalism, not separating your recyclables is a sin, but abortion is just a medical procedure.)

Howard Dean told a reporter his favorite book of the New Testament was Job.

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There’s only one true Christian liberal in the country, and that’s Mike Huckabee.

Bright Black woman blasts Sharpton supporters

Slowly, minorities are starting to figure out what the liberals have been doing to them for generations. They are figuring out that the liberals are the real oppressors of the black community and that the true “poverty pimps” in this country are some in their very community – like for instance, Al Sharpton. Where would he or Jesse Jackson be without the poor? Men like these are making millions of dollars off of the victimization of Black Americans.

This woman is a one of the brightest lights of the TEA party movement and I hope she is discovered by the bloggers and talk conservatives in this country. She is just fabulous!

CNSNews.com – AZ Border Sheriff: ‘I Have About As Much Regard for the U.N. as I Do the Vermin’

This administration has declared war on Arizona and now is taking us to the UN. For what reason? How dare they compare us to governments like Iran and Syria in violating the human rights of any human beings? I’m telling you, I’m just constantly amazed at how Obama is demonizing my state. The UN? Seriously, does anyone really care what the UN thinks or does?

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Michael Berry – Taking Action. Outstanding video.

This is outstanding. I hope you can take a few minutes to listen.

From my friend in Texas: