Caption these: 2 world leaders on vacation

Putin with a crossbow out whaling. from YahooNews

Don’t anyone ever say that Putin doesn’t understand the use of a photo op. These 2 photos speak volumes to these 2 men and their characters. H/t to the Drudge Report.

Obama with a snow cone. from the TimesOnline

3 responses to “Caption these: 2 world leaders on vacation


    His snow cone is green with a red straw,….Hmmmm.

    • roxannadanna

      Yes, I’m sure that is from his Hawaiian Christmas vacation. I couldn’t find one I liked from Martha’s Vineyard. Most of them were with his kids. But the point is still made with this one: the contrast between these 2 men on ANY vacation is pretty telling. To me, at least. 😉

      How you doing, Mr. VET?

  • ClassicFilm

    I’m waiting for a long, overdue “Barack chowing down on a greasy burger” photo. C’mon, government-run media — you’re letting us down.

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